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Let’s be honest for a minute, mattress shopping at a traditional furniture store isn’t much fun. You can waste hours wandering around an extensive show room, laying on a bunch of different beds, only to feel more overwhelmed than you did when you walked in the door. At the Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia NC we strive to do things differently. Instead of over complicating the mattress buying process we simplify it by offering plain mattress options at affordable prices.

We are different, and that is good!

If someone tells you that shopping at The Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia NC is nothing like shopping at a furniture store then consider that a good thing! Like we mentioned before we do things practically the opposite of what the other furniture stores do. We provide simple mattress options so that picking a bed doesn’t take a whole lot of consideration. Our staff are friendly and knowledgable offering a sample of options for you based on your budget and style preferences. We keep our showroom and warehouse to the minimum so that we don’t have to jack up the prices to pay the rent. And OF COURSE we don’t pay our employees commission so they don’t waste your time trying to up-sell you to a more expensive bed that you don’t really need.

To tell the truth the way we do things at The Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia is practically revolutionary. For this reason we aren’t kidding when we say that we are “the best” place to buy a mattress in the State!

If you are tired of sleeping on a bad bed, but can’t be bothered to jump through hoops at furniture stores to figure out what bed you want. (and probably pay more for it!) Then come and visit us at the Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia NC. Chances are we have the perfect bed for you!

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