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When you need a new bed stat, skip the fancy furniture stores and stop by the best mattress store in Lutz FL, otherwise known as The Discount Mattress Warehouse. Our discount mattress warehouse is hands-down the number one best place to buy a mattress in the city. The reason why we can get away with saying this is because our prices are lower and we make the mattress buying process easy. You may think that the reason why our mattresses are so cheap is because we sell “poorly made” mattresses, but the truth is the mattresses that we carry are actually identical to what you would find in a regular ol’ furniture store. So what is the big difference? We CAN sell them cheaper because we do things differently. It is just that plain and simple.

Keeping The Prices Low

Keeping the prices as low as we do at the best mattress store in Florida is no easy task. We have to sacrifice space and keep all of our beds in a warehouse – but it also means that we don’t have to mark up the cost of our product just to pay for a showroom. Also, it means we have to pay our staff a fair wage instead of expecting them to scrounge for commission. Once again, it’s a pretty difficult way to do things BUT you know, somehow we manage it. Lastly, we only sell brand name beds, in a wide variety of sizes and comfort levels because we still believe that our customers deserve quality. SURE, we are a bit different in our methods but we still know a good bed when we see one.

For individuals located in Lutz FL, who are looking for a good place to buy a bed, The Discount Mattress Store is their first and only stop. We provide budget friendly mattress options so that everyone can afford to buy a new bed. This is good news for us because we stay in business and good news for you because your neck and back won’t ache in the morning. If you doubt our word, come and see for yourself. Visit us at The Best Mattress Store in Lutz FL this weekend!

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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