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Tell Me More About This Great Mattress Store, Clover NC

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

I don’t know if you have heard or not but there is a new mattress store in Clover NC. It opened recently and people are already saying that it is THE BEST mattress store in the NC? How is this even possible!?? We are going to tell you what makes it a great place to buy a mattress when you need one.

How To Tell That You Are In An Excellent Mattress Store

1. The Sales People Are REALLY Friendly

The first thing that stands out and makes it the best mattress store in the area is the fact that the sales people are really friendly. However, they aren’t so friendly that they are following you around and trying to get you to buy a bed that you can not afford. Instead, the employees are well informed about the different beds that they have in stock. They immediately inquire about your budget and present you with a few options that might work. You feel absolutely no pressure to buy.

2. The Beds are Not Ridiculously Overpriced

The second sure sign that you are in a great mattress shop is the fact that the mattresses are actually affordable and not way overprices. Many expensive mattresses stores mark their mattresses up over 300%. Mattress stores that actually carry about their customers simply do not do this and offer mattresses at an affordable rate.

This is is something that should be kept in mind when shopping for a new bed. Individuals who are looking to buy a new bed should set a budget and shop within that set range. It is also ill-advised to take a high interest financing deal. Instead, look for a store that has various options that you can pay for in cash and take home that very say day.

3. You Are In A Discount Mattress Warehouse

Last, but certainly not least the top sign that you have wandered into a great mattress store is if the sign says “Discount Mattress Warehouse” on it. Yes, you see what I did there. A wonderful mattress store with all of the qualities that we have listed above will probably be a discount mattress warehouse, we practically guarantee it!

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