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What is The Best Mattress Store in Palm Harbor?

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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Problem: you want to buy a new mattress- but you do not want to spend your life savings on a bed, where do you go?

It may sound a bit odd coming from us, but the Discount Mattress Warehouse is undoubtedly the best mattress store in Palm Harbor. I say this with confidence because we are the exact opposite of most mattress stores that people hate. Instead of being overpriced our mattresses are affordable. Instead of employing pushy sales people who work on commission our store is family owned and operated. Instead of having a fancy showroom that costs more, we keep our mattresses in a warehouse to save money for you. This is how we do things differently, and why we are the best at selling mattresses.

Buying An Affordable Mattress At The Discount Mattress Store in Palm Harbor

If you are looking to replace your old bed but only have a limited budget to work with we can help. When customers arrive at the Discount Mattress Warehouse the first thing we do is ask them a few questions including “how much money they are wanting to spend.” Then, based on their budget we present a few options that may be suitable choices.

The next thing we need to know is what size of bed you require. This helps us eliminate a few options and start to narrow things down.

Lastly, customers describe their sleep preferences and comfort level. I like to ask them to describe the most comfortable bed they have ever slept on. This gives us a good idea of what firmness level they prefer.

Based on this information we can narrow the search further and get it down to a handful of brand name quality mattresses for you to choose from. Instead of wandering around aimlessly, laying on beds, and not quite knowing what you are looking for- we can target the correct bed for you. Because we have already settled the matter of price, the options we present will suit your budget. This means, no negotiating, complicated financing, or upselling. Trust us, it is a lot easier this way for both of us.

Buying a bed at the best mattress store in Palm Harbor is easy because we make it EASY. Even people, who have come in believing that they cannot afford a new bed, have walked away satisfied customers! This is because we have options for everyone, so that nobody has to go on sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and box spring!

To find out more about what makes us the best mattress store in Palm Harbor, stop by any time…

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