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When Buying a New Mattress in South Charlotte, NC

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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Should you do your purchase online?

If you are planning to get a new mattress, you probably opt to make an online purchase instead of visiting a local store in South Charlotte, NC, considering the increasing popularity of e-commerce these days. Indeed, you can now buy almost all (if not all) of the products or services that you can think of over the Internet. But the question is – does the Internet provide an advantage than visiting a local store when it comes to buying a mattress? Consider the following insights:

Online purchase advantages

• Access to information about different types of mattress 24/7 (except, of course during website downtime); it means you are able to check out many items from different suppliers at any time most convenient to you; you can make price comparison right away.
• You can check prospective online stores right at your fingertips, at the comfort of your home.
• Other customer reviews are available; you can get useful information from other customers, reputable agencies right away, which can help you to make the right decision during your purchase.
• Enough time to read the product specifications, return policy, and other purchase-related documents. When you go to a local store to buy for the first time, most likely, you will have no time to read such information thoroughly – and you might overlook something that is important.
• Many (if not all) reputable mattress stores with local offices have websites available too for current and prospective customers to access anytime they want; you can counter-check by visiting their actual locations if you want to verify if they are indeed legit.
• Geo-targeted information is available, which means you can make your search customized to your specific location. For instance, when finding a mattress store in North Carolina, you can just use search engines like Google and type in key terms such as “mattress store Ballantyne, NC,” “quality mattress, South Charlotte, NC,” or “mattress store, Kannapolis, NC,” – or any other specific area in North Carolina; just include a specific location that you want in your search terms. In doing so, you are able to narrow the search results down to the most relevant; in fact, search results could include information from local directories and provide local store directions (like this).

Some disadvantages

• While there are many reputable local mattress stores with established websites today (for customers to access), not all of them cater online purchases (i.e. their online platforms do not have the capability to accept online payments). In that sense, you might miss the chance to pick the best mattress you can possibly have if you just choose to buy only from those that accept online payments.
• Vulnerability to online scams – issues like stolen credit card number, bank account information are prevalent online; this is another yet an important consideration that you have to bear in mind if you choose to buy online.
• You have no chance to experience or to test the mattress before you make a purchase; so this is another issue you should consider. Remember, one very effective way to check the quality of the mattress is to experience it first-hand.

My takeaway is this: Only make online purchases when you are sure with the quality of the products (meaning you have done enough research or you have experience it first hand); you are certain that the business website you are dealing with is indeed legitimate; and, of course, you are certain that your personal information is protected.

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