Where to Get An Affordable Bed? The Best Discount Mattress in St. Petersberg

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

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There may be other places where you can buy a mattress in St. Petersberg but The Wholesale Mattress Warehouse is certainly the best discount mattress store that there is. We can say this because of our reputation around town for having the best selection of high quality mattresses for sale at the lowest price. It is simply a matter of calling ourselves the best because we are the best! We do things differently to make the mattress shopping experience simpler and cheaper for the average individual. We do this by operating with low overhead costs, as well as using easy to understand payments options. Not to mention we always price our mattresses as is so there are no surprises later on. By doing these things we are able to set ourselves apart from other mattresses stores.

No Overhead

“How come your mattresses are so cheap?” The reason why our mattresses are so affordable is actually really easy to understand. By removing the things from our mattress store that cost money we are able to sell our mattresses without an extensive mark-up. This means that we do not have pushy sales people or a fancy showroom to maintain. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on misleading advertising we just tell the truth to our customers and keep our prices low!

Easy To Understand Payment Options

Around here we firmly believe that buying a new mattress should not be a complicated ordeal. This is why we only have two easy to understand payment methods: CASH or CHECK. This old fashioned methodology is what allows us to stay and business and not charge you, a life’s savings for a new mattress.

Not to mention we don’t ever confuse our customers with financing options and complicated interest payment systems that cause them to spend more money!

What You See is What You Get?

Okay so we are all suckers for a great sale, but what if I told you that the Wholesale Mattress Warehouse’s mattresses were always on sale. (They are also never on sale). At our store what you see is what you get. The price listed today is the price listed tomorrow. This means that you never have to play the guessing game of when to buy your mattress.

The reason why we refer to ourselves as the best discount mattress store in St. Petersberg is because we just simple АRE the best mattress store in St. Petersberg. No other mattress store does things the same way as we do. You won’t find these prices anywhere else. If you do happen to spot a great deal elsewhere we will gladly match it! We are just that confident in our business!

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