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Why a Quality Mattress Will Help You Sleep Better Charleston

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Did you know that you spend over a third of your day in bed? Over a lifetime that is a lot of time spent laying down. Knowing this would you rather be sleeping comfortably or tossing and turning. The way that you sleep at night is directly affected by the quality of your mattress.

A person cannot deny that the comfort level of one’s mattress impacts how well they sleep. Having a good mattress will ultimately assure that you sleep well because you will won’t be uncomfortable throughout the night.

Another reason why it is good to have a comfortable mattress is because of how your body functions while you are sleeping. If you are comfortable, you will have a long period of REM sleep that will leave you feeling well rested. If you are sick, having a good night’s sleep will help you feel better sooner.

Your mattress could be causing you to wake up throughout the night.

You also have to consider the fact that when you are laying down for extended periods of time your blood flow is affected. Whenever circulation is reduced during sleep your brain wakes you up so that you turn over. If you have a comfortable bed, with very few pressure points this will not happen as frequently. This means that your REM cycles will be longer, allowing for you to get more rest.

The type of mattress that is best will vary from person to person. However, simply sleeping on a new bed will improve the way that you sleep. If your bed is more than 10 years old you really should consider replacing it. By doing so you can dramatically improve the quality of sleep that you get each night.

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