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Lately, there has been a lot of upheaval about our recommendation that customers replace their mattress every 10 years or so. This is something that us at the best mattress store in Charleston feel very strongly about because we want people to know that there are health benefits to having a comfortable bed. However, lately we have heard all sorts of debate about this topic. Some customers claim that a mattress NEVER needs to be replaced! Yikes.

I’ll tell you right now that suggesting you replace your bed is not just a clever ploy to sell mattresses. Think about, two people sleeping on the same bed for a decade, just imagine the wear on that poor mattress! Here are the main reasons why you SHOULD consider replacing your bed every decade:

3 Reasons To Buy A New Bed Every 10 Years

1. Hygiene

I hate that I have to explain this- but over time your bed absorbs all of the bacteria and dirt that you bring into it.

Even if you take the time to clean your bed regularly there is still grime and germs being absorbed on the inside that can be difficult to get out.

If you let this go on too long it can actually begin to impact your health.
If you are going to keep your bed longer than the 10-year recommendation at least consider using a mattress cover.

2. Comfort

Needless to say after 10 years of sleeping on it, your bed will not be the same as the day you purchased it. Most people purchase beds for optimal comfort, but night after night the bed may lose it’s firmness or begin to sag.

When you aren’t comfortable, you may have a hard time sleeping at night. The simplest solution to resolve this is to go and buy a new mattress.

3. Health

Finally the third reason why we say that you should replace your bed is for your own personal health! Sleeping on a bad bed can cause many common nighttime ailments such as insomnia and back pain. Not to mention the allergen build up lack of comfort that we have mentioned above!

As you get older your ability to sleep comfortably, and firmness preferences may change making it difficult to sleep through the night on an older bed. The amount of sleep you require in order for optimal health may also change, making a good night’s rest even more important. By investing in a brand new mattress you can improve your health and avoid these sorts of issues. After all, a new mattress is much more affordable than frequent trips to the physician.

Do you understand now why you should replace your mattress? Even if we haven’t convinced you completely, it may still be a good idea to come down and the see our prices on brand name mattresses. It may help to change your mind.

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