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Why Do We Call Ourselves The Best Mattress Store in Charlotte?

Calling ourselves the best mattress store in Charlotte is a fairly bold claim. Obviously, there are other mattress stores out there that may or may not sell great mattresses- we get that. However, the Wholesale Mattress Store in Charlotte is a different type of shopping experience. That is why we refer to our store as the best. We do things differently, in a way that makes mattress shopping easy and affordable for the average Joe. By operating our store with zero overhead, providing easy to understand payment options, and promising the best prices up front we are able to set ourselves apart from the fancy mattress stores and make mattress shopping- dare I say simple?

No Overhead

“How in the world do you sell your mattresses for so cheap?” The answer is actually extremely simple. We have removed everything from the mattress shopping experience that costs people money. No pushy sales people, no expensive showrooms, and no misleading advertising. We do things simply so that our mattress prices can stay low!

Easy To Understand Payment Options

Other mattress stores offer complicated financing options that only add to the cost of buying a mattress because they charge interest. We don’t believe in these types of shenanigans, we want to give you a great price right off the bat. This means the only two payment methods that we accept are cash or check. You pay us the price that we agree upon and take your mattress home that day!

The Same Low Prices Every Day

Who doesn’t enjoy a good sale? Well we never have sales because our mattresses are always on sale. (If that makes sense.) We give you lowest price up front so that you can choose a mattress that suits your budget without all that messing around. Instead of charging more for our mattresses only to discount them later we are upfront and honest about our prices. This takes away the guessing games about when the mattress will be cheaper and lets you purchase a new mattress when you need one.

At the Wholesale Mattress Store we get away with calling ourselves the best mattress store because there is no other mattress store in the world quite like us! We do things differently to help save people money. We make new mattresses affordable so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of sleeping in a brand new bed!

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The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

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