Why You Should Consider An Adjustable Base Mattress

Over seventy percent of Americans suffer from sleep-deprivation. Acid reflux, joint pain, and back pain can all be alleviated with the ability to sleep in an adjusted position, providing deeper and longer sleep. An adjustable base mattress may be perfect solution to your problems.

Health and Healing
adjustable base mattress
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Adjustable beds were originally intended for health and healing applications. They were used primarily in hospital settings, to help keep patients in comfortable positions and to promote healing by improving breathing and circulation. Today, adjustable beds provide relief for people suffering from acid reflux, joint or back pain, and other challenges that make it difficult to sleep, as well as offering healthy sleepers more options for finding their optimum sleep position.


In addition to having definite health benefits, an adjustable bed offers the convenience of being able to sit up to read, watch television, or even enjoying breakfast in bed. Some models come with options like massage, an alarm, and even controls that allow you to combat snoring. A split model may be ideal for couples who have different ideal sleeping positions.

Features to Look For

When shopping for your adjustable base mattress, you’ll want to look for a mattress that’s flexible enough to move with your base, and durable enough to withstand regular movements. You’ll want to seek out a memory foam or other mattress specifically designed to fit your adjustable bed base. When searching for your adjustable base and mattress, consider which features are most important to you, and focus on finding the bed that gives you the most features on your wish-list for your budget.

Get your Adjustable Base Mattress

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