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You Can Get A Cheap Mattress In Gastonia!

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Looking for a place to buy a cheap mattress in Gastonia? The Discount Mattress Warehouse has you covered.

If you can’t stand sleeping even one more night on your old mattress then you should really come visit us at The Discount Mattress Warehouse located in Gastonia. We sell the same brand names and styles as any other furniture store except our mattresses are much cheaper!

How Can We Sell Mattresses For Such Cheap Prices?

Not that anyone has ever complained, but many of customers have been curious about how we are able to sell our mattress so cheap. Well, if the truth is to be told The Discount Mattress Warehouse in Gastonia, has figured out a foolproof way to sell mattresses to customers without marking up the prices. By providing a smaller selection of options but still carrying top of the line brand names we can keep our cost of operation slightly lower. Instead, of displaying our mattresses in a football field size showroom we operate out of a warehouse, helping to keep our rent low. Finally by employing only a small staff of expert mattress salespeople, paying them a fair wage, and not forcing them to rely on commission- we can keep our mattresses cheap and our employees happy to help customers without the pressure to land a “big sale.”

It is these three simple modifications to the mattress-selling model that has made our mattress stores unique. We are proudly unlike any other furniture store that you will find in Gastonia because of how we do business. When customers visit us we make the mattress shopping process easy by focusing on their needs first. We don’t push fancy financing options and we never try to up-sell you beyond your budget. That is our promise!

Mattress Shopping Does Not Have To Be An Awful Experience

We don’t need to pay for fancy marketing analytics to tell us that most people hate shopping for a new mattress. We just listen to what our customers have to say and design our business to suit them. By doing this we have been able to set ourselves apart from the pack and actually create an enjoyable mattress buying experience for customers in Gastonia.

If you are in desperate need of a new bed, but don’t want to jump through hoops to get one- stop by The Discount Mattress Store in Gastonia. We are the “cheap” mattress store that provides great value.

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