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Your Mattress and Your Health Surprising Facts, From The Discount Mattress Lutz FL

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

The discount mattress in Lutz FL blogs about the surprising connection between your health and your mattress

Chances are you wouldn’t go scuba diving without the right gear? So why would you sleep with out a great mattress? Most of spend a large fraction of our lives asleep yet we don’t really think about the impact of where we sleep and how it could be impacting our health. Believe it or not without the right equipment, in this case a great bed, you may not be getting the best quality sleep that you could be. In fact, without a comfortable bed with proper support you may even be causing yourself harm. (Yikes.)

Okay, so maybe sleeping on a bad mattress isn’t as bad as going scuba diving without an adequate oxygen supply BUT it still isn’t very safe. When we talk about the importance of sleeping on a quality mattress for health reasons we just want people to realize the harm that they can cause their body by sleeping night after night on a bad bed. For example, if your bed is not firm or comfortable it may be doing damage to your bed while you sleep. If you mattress is too lumpy or uneven it may be hurting your neck. Furthermore, studies have shown that people who don’t get a good night sleep (possibly because their mattress is uncomfortable) tend to have higher blood pressure and greater levels of stress. AND we all know how dangerous high blood pressure and stress can be on one’s health.

Can A New Mattress Fix Your Health Problems?

If we are going to continue to be honest here, NO, a new mattress probably will not fix all of your health problems overnight. Though, if you have been suffering from back pain and a stiff neck replacing your old bed is a good place to start. Also, if you find that you don’t sleep well at night and are experiencing high levels of stress and high blood pressure a new bed may provide you with a bit of relief. After all, even if your health troubles continue to get worse at least you’ll have a comfortable place to rest!

Ready to sleep your way to better health? Maybe a new mattress from the discount mattress in Lutz FL is just what the doctor ordered.

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