An extra firm mattress may provide you with a better, more restful night’s sleep. Do you suffer from apnea, a bad back, joint problems or other health challenges? An extra firm bed may be right for you. The proper alignment of the back and spine make breathing easier and sleep deeper.


More Info on Extra Firm Mattresses

Extra Firm

Many people add a piece of wood under their mattress to imitate an extra firm sleeping surface, but the ploy is ineffective and may provide less comfort than sleeping on a normal mattress and box spring. It’s far more beneficial to purchase an actual extra firm bed that better suits your sleeping style.


Extra Firm Mattress

An extra firm mattress contains heavier coils in the inner spring, which provide less give and therefore keep the surface more even and smooth. A pillow top or layer of memory foam may be added for comfort, but the foundations of an extra firm mattress are sturdier than the average mattress and will last longer as well.


Extra Firm Bed Benefits

The proper alignment of the spine allows for deeper, steadier breathing. If you suffer from sleep apnea, a bad back, or other joint challenges, an extra firm bed may be extremely beneficial. When the body has the proper support, your joints and spine remain properly aligned and you get a more peaceful, restful night’s sleep. Come down to Mattress Warehouse today and allow our knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right bed for you.