A firm mattress provides many health benefits while still offering the softness and comfort available with a pillow top or memory foam topper. A firm bed is the best choice for most sleepers.


More Info on Firm Mattresses

Firm vs Extra Firm

A firm mattress has springs which run heavier than a lower-quality or softer mattress. Since the springs have less “give” and are a heavier gauge, the mattress is likely to last longer than a softer mattress. Extra firm is appropriate for heavier sleepers and those who have extremely bad backs and require good support and spinal alignment. For the average sleeper, a firm mattress provides good support while still allowing for a soft surface.


Firm Mattress Benefits

The primary benefit of a firm bed is that you get a deep, sounds night’s sleep. When the spine and hips are properly aligned, it allows for you to take deep breaths, which are conducive to a sounder sleep experience. When you’re able to breathe deeply, your body can reach a deeper sleep cycle and you’ll wake feeling more rested and rejuvenated.


Firm Bed

A firm bed may be the best choice for the average sleeper, especially if you tend to sleep on your back or side, making spinal alignment even more important. With a firm sleeping surface, you get enough support to keep your spine well aligned, while a pillow or memory foam top prevents pressure points from developing. A firm mattress is the best of both worlds for most sleepers. Come down to Mattress Warehouse to discover all of the affordable options for getting your next best night’s sleep.