A plush mattress is a luxury option that offers a sleeper the opportunity to sleep on a soft top while maintaining proper posture and joint support. A plush bed might be right for you if you tend to wake up in pain from pressure points.


More Info on Plush Mattresses


The term plush indicates luxury, an additional layer of comfort added to a traditional mattress. The plush comes from a thick  topper which is attached directly to the mattress. This topper requires special care to remain fluffy and comfortable for many years. Regular cleaning, fluffing, and turning is necessary to keep your plush mattress in the top quality condition. By taking care of your mattress, you can ensure your investment will last for decades.


Plush Mattress

A plush mattress comes in any of the traditional sizes, single, twin, full, queen and king. It will be necessary to purchase “deep pocket” fitted sheets to accommodate the extra thickness associated with a plush mattress. The helpful folks at Mattress Warehouse will be glad to help you determine which type of sheets are best for your plush mattress.


Plush Bed

A plush bed offers the best of both worlds, the firmness of a sturdy inner spring mattress design and the luxurious feel of a soft topper. Be sure to rotate your plush bed regularly to prevent “dips” from forming where you most often sleep. A plush bed is best suited to stomach sleepers, though back and side sleepers may find the extra comfort of a pillow top appealing as well.