Price Guarantee!

Price Guarantee!

The most powerful price guarantee you’ll EVER see*

John and Jackie Madden genuinely consider our mission statement, saving your family 40% – 80% while taking THE BULL out of buying a mattress, to be a public service. This is why we started this little mom and pop business in 1998 and it is still what drives us to this day. This philosophy is why we now have 13 locations in 4 states. We back up our mission statement with the strongest price guarantee imaginable.

When you buy a mattress from No Bull Mattress, you can continue to shop. If at any point in the next FIVE YEARS you should find ANY COMPARABLE mattress in ANY brand OR model, for less elsewhere, we will honor that price. On top of that, we will pay you an additional 100% of the difference back in cash.

WOW! Five years to shop for a better price!

Why regular retailer’s price guarantees are a bunch of BULL!

While regular retailers may have price guarantees, they’re completely bogus. The retailer insists that you find the same make and model, not any comparable mattress like our guarantee. Why is that bogus? All of these labels are protected by “private labelling” and “price fixing” from their manufacturer. This is why you see their stores on every street corner.

What is price fixing or private labeling?

Private Labelling: Manufacturers will often put a different name or label on mattresses for a large retailer. This means that while you can find the exact same mattress at another store, it will have a different name. This ensures the large retailer doesn’t have to worry about you finding that model at a different store. The large retailer can guarantee a rip-off price because you cannot find that same name for that mattress at any other store!

Price Fixing – The manufacturers that don’t private label for the big retailers will have price fixing. Price Fixing makes it illegal for a particular mattress to be sold for any less than the set manufacturer price. Ever notice that 5 different stores have the EXACT same price for a particular product? That is because that is the FIXED price for that item. This allows the retailer to guarantee that rip-off price because you cannot find that mattress for less elsewhere!

*In this “gotcha” world of crazies, there has to be rules. Our cash back price guarantee only applies to true “apples to apples” comparisons of both product and source (it’s the best guarantee there is). It therefore does not apply to products that are used or refurbished (yuck!), devoid of warranties, scratch and dents, floor models, discontinued liquidations, etc.. The mattress cannot come from illegitimate sources or sources unable to facilitate warranty claims such as one-time internet sellers, stores going out of business, not legitimate established retailers and retailers that are hundreds of miles away (how could they facilitate warranty claims, etc). We are incredibly fair people…to a fault, we will honor all legitimate price matches, please don’t try to game the system.

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