Buying an Adjustable Bed & Base Guide

Buying an Adjustable Bed

Something cool has happened in the last couple years.

Adjustable bases that were once reserved for those with a multi-thousand dollar expendable budget have become affordable and mass produced. In fact, we did not carry adjustable beds for a long time because that’s just not our every day customer. If you were ready to spend $7,000 or more on your bed going up and down you were probably OK with going to a brand name dealer.

But times have changed. This great technology is now incredibly affordable and available for everyone to enjoy. Read more below for the benefits of adjustable beds.

Check out some of the adjustable beds we always have in stock!

We’re a little nutty for these bases and love to geek out over them. Visit any store, any day of the week, to test out our adjustable beds. We recommend trying out the “zero-gravity” feature – you may want to set aside some time for this, spontaneous naps have occurred!

Why buy an adjustable base?

Do you like to eat breakfast in bed? Or, maybe you just like to be able to put your feet up – quite literally – after a long, hard day. Head up, feet up, or both (a position we like to refer to as “zero gravity”) – an adjustable bed base can help you achieve all of the above.

Best of all, with our motorized adjustable bed bases, all you have to do is tweak your bed’s positioning for the ultimate in breakfasting, relaxing, or sleep-positioning bliss. Here’s how it works, in three easy steps:

  1. Your adjustable bed base will consist of a multiple-hinged, motorized foundation placed beneath your mattress instead of a traditional box spring or platform.
  2. When you want to kick your feet up, elevate your head, or find that comfy sleeping position somewhere in between, you’ll simply press a button via a wired or wireless remote.
  3. That’s it. Really! Now get to relaxing!

What Benefits Could You See With an Adjustable Bed Base?

We’re not doctors – at least not in the traditional sense – but we are sleep gurus with tons of no-bull experience. Learn about all of the benefits our industry-best mattresses and bed bases can provide. Our experience is how we know many of our clients choose adjustable bed bases for reasons above and beyond the crazy amount of comfort they provide. Whether you’re after pain relief, additional support for a particular area of the body or something else, an adjustable base could be just the solution you need.

Check out these benefits:

Raise your Adjustable Bed Base IQ With Our FAQ

Still have unanswered questions about adjustable bed bases? We’ll see what we can do to adjust your knowledge (see what we did there?) and provide answers for some of our most frequently asked questions.

Why No Bull Mattresses and More?

Here at No Bull, you’ll get the exact same adjustable bed base technology offered by all the hoity toity big names in the mattress industry – but without all the bull. Best of all, you’ll have a second-to-none bed buying experience, complete with:

It’s just how we do things around here – we like to call it the No Bull Guarantee. Stop in and see us today, or choose your perfect adjustable bed base from our adjustable base shopping page and get started on your perfect night of sleep.

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