A queen or king pillow top mattress is one of the most popular and comfortable beds available. A pillow top mattress offers the firmness of inner spring support with the luxury of a soft sleeping surface. For sleepers looking for a comfortable night’s rest and a supportive surface to address a bad back or other joint problems, a pillow top mattress may be the best option.


More Info on Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress is a traditional inner spring mattress with the addition of a thick padding laid over the basic structure. The pillow top provides a softer sleeping surface and greater comfort, making this a luxury option for those who want a more affordable alternative to a memory foam mattress. When you choose a pillow top mattress, you’ll need to take special care to keep the pillow top from becoming unevenly worn. Regular turning and fluffing of the mattress will provide many years of sound sleep.


Queen Pillow top mattress

A queen pillow top mattress is one of the most popular sizes. It is necessary to purchase sheets with deeper pockets to accommodate your queen pillow top mattress, so be sure to read the measurements on any sheets or accessories you buy for proper fit. A queen pillow top mattress provides two adults a comfortable sleeping space.


King Pillow top Mattress

With a wider expanse, a king pillow top mattress offers two adults ample sleeping room. Larger adults and taller sleepers may wish to consider a king-sized mattress. As with a queen, it is necessary to purchase sheets and accessories that are cut to accommodate the greater height of a pillow top mattress. Stop down to Mattress Warehouse today, to discover your best night’s sleep on your new king pillow top mattress.