What do you get when you take a firm mattress and add a thick, comfortable topper? Among the most luxurious options in bedding is the ultra plush mattress. This heavenly combination offers both the support of a firmer mattress and the softness that allows for a deep, comfortable sleep.


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More Info on Ultra Plush Mattresses

Ultra Plush

The term, ultra-plush, refers to the thickness and quality of the pillow top added to the traditional inner spring mattress. The thickness and luxury of an ultra-plush topper can’t be easily matched. For those who dislike the “sinking” feeling of a memory foam mattress and who want a firmer structure for support for their back and spine, but long for the feeling of sinking into a soft surface, an ultra plush is the ultimate in luxury.


Ultra Plush Mattress

The ultra plush mattress is deeper than its traditionally structured counterpart, so it’s important to be sure of purchasing the correctly sized sheets and bedding for your new bed. Whether you opt for a single, twin, full, queen, king, or California king ultra plush mattress, you’ll want to be sure to learn the dimensions of your new bed so that you can purchase the correct accessories.


Ultra Plush Bed

Sleeping in an ultra plush bed is an experience that leaves many sleepers wondering how they ever lived without their mattress. An ultra plush bed does require special maintenance. It can’t be flipped, so it’s necessary to turn the mattress often, to prevent “dips” or depressions from forming in the topper and ensure even wear. Regular airing out and cleaning and fluffing of the pillow top will also extend the life of the mattress. Come down to talk with the experts at Mattress Warehouse, and we’ll be happy to help you learn more about your new ultra plush mattress.