A hybrid mattress may be the most affordable option for those who need a firm support but wish to reduce pressure points. A posturepedic hybrid provides excellent support for those with a bad back. Even a pillowtop can’t offer the same support and low pressure as a posturepedic hybrid.


More Info on Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is a combination of a traditionally structured mattress, like an inner spring, and memory foam. By combining the two, the weight is greatly reduced and the mattress offers far greater support, creating a firm foundation for sleeping, while reducing pressure points which can be a problem with a traditional mattress. Sleepers with back and joint challenges may benefit from sleeping on a hybrid mattress.


Hybrid Benefits

A mattress made up of both traditional and modern materials offers hybrid benefits to the sleeper. Not only is the mattress itself lighter and more affordable, it reduces the “trapped” sensation some people experience with memory foam. Rather than sink deeply into the mattress, the sleeper is supported on a firm surface. At the same time, the memory foam component of the hybrid benefits the sleeper by reducing or removing pressure points. It’s the best of both worlds.


Posturepedic Hybrid

A posturepedic hybrid offers sleepers with back and joint problems an option that provides both good support and relief from pressure points. If you suffer from back, neck or joint problems, arthritis, or sleep apnea, a hybrid mattress may offer you the ideal sleeping surface. Come down to Mattress Warehouse today, to learn more about a posturepedic hybrid and how it might help you get your best night’s sleep ever.