Is a spring bed the right choice for you? The answer depends upon your sleeping style and budget. Quality spring mattresses offer a variety of firmness and styles.


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What is a Spring Bed?

A spring bed or spring mattress is built around a frame filled with individual coil springs which provide the firmness and support. The springs may be individually wrapped to prevent squeaking and add to the durability of the mattress. A thick padding is laid over the springs, and an additional plush or pillow top may be added for extra comfort.  A spring mattress is usually the most affordable choice, and with proper care, will last up to ten years for the average sleeper.


Spring Bed Type

The gauge of the springs will determine the spring bed type. They come in soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. The best way to determine which spring bed type is right for you is to come down to Mattress Warehouse and examine our selection. Lying on a mattress for 10-15 minutes should give you an idea of how comfortable it will be for sleeping. In general, side sleepers will want to aim for a medium mattress. Those who sleep on their backs will probably prefer a firmer sleeping surface, and those who lie on their stomachs to sleep will prefer a softer mattress. Spring mattresses come in a wide variety of firmness, so it is possible to find an affordable spring bed for every sleeper.


Is a Spring Bed Right for Me?

Spring beds have the advantages of being one of the most affordable options, as well as offering a wide choice of firmness. They may be less durable than some types of foam or air-based mattresses. Even the thickest springs compress over time, creating “dents” in the mattress. Regular turning and flipping can reduce the wear on your mattress. You may wish to use a separate pillow or plush top rather than purchasing one that is built in to the mattress. Over time, pillow tops tend to compress, making them less appealing. A separate mattress topper can be removed for fluffing, cleaning, and replacement, extending the life of your spring bed.