If you’re looking for the firm support of a spring mattress but desire the contouring nature of memory foam then you should take a look at our pocketed coil mattresses. Pocketed coil mattresses have revolutionized the spring mattress as each coil is individually wrapped in cloth to help reduce noise and keep motion concentrated around nearby springs so as not to disturb your partner.


More Info on Pocketed Coil Mattresses

What is a Pocketed Coil Mattress?

Pocketed coil mattresses are spring mattresses at their core. However, rather than every spring being connected, they are individually wrapped in a cloth pocket. This allows each spring to give way to pressure without affecting surrounding springs. This also means the springs are less noisy than traditional spring mattresses.


Pocketed Coil Mattress for Couples

Since each spring is contained in its own cloth pocket that means it is the most ideal spring mattress for couples. If one person moves around a lot it will not have as much impact on your partner so each person has the best sleep suited for them.


Is a Pocketed Coil Bed Right for Me?

A pocketed coil mattress may be the mattress you’re looking for if you want a spring mattress that is firm and cool but still contours to your body. You no longer have to be concerned over a noisy mattress or disturbing your partner at night, especially if you move around a lot while trying to sleep. Since it doesn’t react to heat like foam mattresses it means you’ll have a similar experience while not overheating while sleeping.