A full size bed is suitable for a child or single adult, providing ample sleeping space without taking up too much space in a bed room. A full size bed dimensions make it ideal for a children’s room. A full bed provides plenty of sleeping room for a growing teen up to an average size single adult.


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Full Size Bed

When choosing the right bed for a child’s room, a full size bed just makes good sense. It’s smaller than a queen by a substantial width, but it provides plenty of sleeping space. Wider than its cousin, the Twin, by a full foot, it allows enough space for a restless sleeper to stretch out with plenty of space to spare. It’s an ideal size for a child’s room, allowing for growth without taking up too much space.


Full Size Mattress

The full size mattress is wider than a Twin by over a foot. The bedding is more affordable than that for a Queen size bed, making it a good choice for kids, whose tastes tend to change over time. It’s also an excellent choice for a guest room in a smaller home. Adults have plenty of sleeping space with a full size mattress.


Full Size Bed Dimensions

A full size bed dimensions make it ideal for apartment dwellers and those with smaller homes. At 54”x75”, it is only six inches narrower and a scant five inches shorter than a Queen. Those few inches can make a big difference in the available room to walk around the bed in the room, while still providing ample sleeping space. Consider a full size bed for smaller rooms, for a child’s first bed when transitioning from a crib, and for teens and young adults. When you come into Mattress Warehouse, our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right mattress for your budget and needs.