Why Is It Important To Replace Your Mattress At Least Every 10 Years, Largo?

As you know we often mention that it is important to replace your mattress at least every 10 years. Largo customers have often asked me why we place so much emphasis on this. Some have been even so bold as to ask whether or not it is just a ploy to get people to buy more mattresses?

Well the truth is that with proper care you CAN extend the life of your mattress a few more years. However, most people do not use mattress covers or protectors to keep their beds in prime condition. In fact in most cases bed owners do not even regularly clean their mattress. With two people sleeping on the same bed night after night, there is a lot of wearing down on the mattress. Not to mention the amount of bacteria and dust that is being absorbed into the fabrics. Old beds are full of allergens and can actually be bad for your health. This is why it is so important to make sure that you do replace your bed in a timely fashion.

More Reasons To Replace Your Bed

Aside from hygienic reasons there are also some logical reasons why you should replace your bed. We have listed these below:


As you get older your sleep preferences may change. You may become more sensitive to the sagging and worn out shape of your old bed. You may also require a firmer mattress to sleep comfortably at night.


Once you get married you may wish to purchase a new bed that suits both your own and your new spouses sleep preferences. Many couples go bed shopping together so that they can both sleep comfortably.


If you are suffering from health problems one solution may be to replace your old bed. Purchasing a more comfortable bed to sleep on can cure common issues like insomnia and back pain.


Last but not least just like fashion changes so do trends in beds. There is way more selection now than there was ten years ago. Styles and mattress fashions have changed. If you haven’t been mattress shopping in awhile, now is the time to go! You may find something you like even better than your current bed.

The top reason why people delay replacing their mattress, is because they are concerned that a new mattress will be too expensive. Thankfully, the Discount Mattress Store has an affordable selection of beds that can suit any budget. If you are ready to experience the difference that a brand-new bed can make come down and see us today.

Now Do You Know Why It Is Important To Replace Your Mattress at Least Every 10 Years, in Largo?