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Top 20 Bedding Accessories

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#1 – Bed Sheet Straps

Do you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning to find that your fitted sheets have slipped off the mattress? Deep pocketed sheets help, but if you move a lot, or even turn around once while sleeping, your fitted sheet may follow your body.

Bed sheet straps securely hold fitted sheets underneath the bed so that they don’t move. Making your bed in the morning doesn’t have to be a hassle with this accessory.

#2 – Bed Risers

Want a bed lift? If your bed is low to the ground and you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying a taller frame, choose bed risers. There are affordable, durable, and high-quality bedding options to choose from. There are beautiful bedding options from small to heavy duty, plain to highly decorative, bed risers come in a variety of economical and design styles.

#3 – Bed Skirt Clips

If you’ve ever opened a bedding set and wondered how the skirt is supposed to stay perfectly underneath your mattress, only to discover it doesn’t, then bed skirt clips are for you! Plus, they’re cheap and very easy to use. These are a must for when you have an assortment of bedding collections.

#4 – High Thread-Count Cotton Sheets

There are tons of sheet styles and fabrics to choose from. Even the best microfiber and other synthetic fabric sheets do not, however, provide the natural breathable softness of cotton.

High thread-count cotton sheets aren’t cheap, but they’re unmatched by their fake counterparts. If comfort and quality are important to you, you’ll never regret purchasing a couple of nice cotton sheet sets to go with your No Bull Mattress.

#5 – Body Pillow

If you’ve never had a body pillow, they’re definitely worth a try. Perfect for those who like the feeling of cuddling but can’t sleep like that, a body pillow is the answer. Plus, they’re great for providing hip-support while side-sleeping.

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#6 – Good Pillow

From the cheapest pillow to the fanciest, explore your options until you find a good pillow for you. Don’t forget the option of pillow shams as well. If you wake up with a sore neck, it’s definitely time to try a different style. While on a pillow hunting journey, many people discover that ergonomic and memory foam pillows provide the best sleep and support.

#7 – Alarm Clock

The old-fashioned way of waking-up, alarm clocks are still highly effective. The best part is that you don’t have to sleep with your cell-phone beside your head. Even if you have your cell-phone notifications on silent, it’s still an electronic device not meant for quality sleep!

#8 – Bedside Storage Bag

Not sure where to put your cell-phone in case you need to grab it without fumbling when you wake up? Pick a designated spot in your bedside storage bag. These bags provide nifty compartments for hair holders, books, socks, glasses, or anything else you want to take-off or stop using right before you sleep. These handy bags also help keep your nightstand free of clutter.

#9 – Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is wonderful for sleeping and dreaming. Essential oil diffusers also help cleanse the air. Lavender, tea tree, frankincense, cinnamon, and orange essential oils all smell wonderful and have therapeutic benefits.

#10 – Back Pillow

If you’re an avid bed reader, talker, or TV watcher before bed, back pillows are a must-have. They provide support while you’re sitting up in bed. Even if you rarely sit up in bed, back pillows are great to keep on hand in the closet – just in case.

#11 – Soft Rug

What’s the first thing your feet touch when you rise up from sleep? If the answer is a cold hard floor or not-so soft carpet, a soft rug can make your waking up experience much more pleasant. Instead of rushing to get up because your feet are cold, you can sit in comfort and wake up slowly, with ease and comfort.

#12 – Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are well-known for coordinating the design of a bedroom. They can accentuate a secondary color and display a design theme, such as butterflies, uplifting phrases, or colorful circles. Always choose decorative pillows that make you smile!

#13 – Bed Bench

Bed benches stand at the foot of the bed. Some of them provide extra storage space, which is great for storing extra linens. They’re also great for sitting down to put on shoes, temporarily placing clothing, and for putting your decorative pillows on while you sleep!

#14 – Bed Spray

Your mattress needs cleaning and love too! Natural, organic bed sprays made with essential oils smell amazing. Spray a little and wipe-off your mattress, which will help keep your mattress free from bacteria and dust.

#15 – Remote Controlled Lighting

Do you ever forget to turn off the main light in your bedroom before lying down to sleep? Remote-controlled lighting offers the convenience of turning off lights from the comfort of your bed. Plus, most of them allow you to adjust the brightness.

#16 – Bed Tray

Breakfast-in-bed might just be for special occasions, but the function of a bed tray doesn’t stop there. Give medication to a sick loved one from a bed tray, or use it as a laptop table! Great to have on hand, you never know when you might need a bed tray.

#17 – Knee Pillow

If you have pain in your back, hips, or knees, using a knee pillow during sleep can help ease the pain. Knee pillows also help keep the spine aligned for side-sleepers.

#18 – Eye Mask

Great for relaxing the eyes and reducing eye puffiness in the morning, eye masks also have a way of helping sleepers enter a deeper sleep. Cool masks reduce inflammation and warm masks increase circulation. Try an eye mask infused with essential oils for aromatherapy benefits too!

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#19 – Underbed Storage

What’s under your bed right now? If you have things pushed here and there, it’s time for you to invest in underbed storage. After all, no one wants chaos underneath them while they sleep!

#20 – Weighted Blanket

Some people enjoy the feeling of being totally wrapped up like a cocoon while sleeping. Weighted blankets effectively provide that feeling without actually weighing you down.

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Some must-have bedding accessories include a comfortable pillow, a cozy blanket, and high-quality sheets.
Some unique bedding accessories that can enhance your sleep experience include a weighted blanket, a silk pillowcase, and a cooling mattress topper.
You can choose the best bedding accessories for your needs by considering your personal preferences and sleep habits, as well as the quality and materials of the products.

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