The Importance of a Quiet Bed to Your Sleep Quality and Household Harmony

Halloween is coming or maybe you’re dreading the large sleepover your kids are planning.  Either way, a squeaky bed can cause racket making a scene or causing even less sleep than already planned for.

There is nothing worse than a creaky bed!

No matter how comfortable the mattress or how sturdy the frame, if your bed makes a sound every time you move, slowly madness will ensue. Every shift becomes the creak of a spring or the squeak of a loose bed frame. Maybe it’s the crinkle of the mattress cover that keeps you up at night or the high-pitched screech of the bed every time you move on old springs. It might be the bedframe, the box spring, or the mattress itself. But when your bed makes noise, something must change for the sake of the quality of sleep.

In truth, a quiet bed is an important part of relaxing and getting good quality sleep, as well as getting deep sleep. A house of quiet beds is essential for household harmony, so that each person can have their own bedtime and sleep style without waking the house with a creak every time someone turns in late or turns over in their sleep.

What is the importance of a quiet bed?

A Quiet Bed…

Allows You to Sleep More Soundly

A bed that makes noise with every move is not one that you will sleep soundly in or allow you to get the hours of sleep you need. Most people are not perfectly still throughout the night which causes them to miss out on the benefits of a deep sleep. There are many shifts and rolls. Some people itch or brush their nose in their sleep. Some turn around head-to-toe in little shifts throughout the night. This is just the way we sleep and if you hear a little squeak or crinkle every time your body sleep-adjusts, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep.

New springs, springless foam, and satiny fabric layers take care of all the classic noisy mattress causes. A quiet bed allows you to sleep still or restless through all the stages of sleep because your room soundscape will remain a soft uninterrupted hum throughout the night.

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Won’t Wake You Up When You Toss in the Night

Some of us are not still sleepers. Many people typically toss and turn in the night. Whether you have active dreams or restless legs, you find yourself tangled in your bedding and turned upside-down in the morning. On a quiet bed, you can fight your pillow-dragons and actually get some rest all through the night. You’ll wake barely remembering the restless causes having gotten as much shut-eye as your turning allows. But on a noisy bed, you wake up every time you toss or turn. For an active sleeper, that can practically keep you up all night causing sleep deprivation.

A quiet bed is essential for those who move in their sleep to ensure you sleep through the night. Give yourself the most peaceful and restful sleep environment possible so all your energy can be focused on slaying dream ninja and tying your blanket into new impossible knots.

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Doesn’t Wake the House When You Go to Bed Late

Night owls, third-shifters, and teenagers all share the same challenge in a family home: getting to bed without waking the house. After all the effort of taking off your shoes and creeping up the stairs, a creaky bed puts all your effort to waste.  For anyone who comes in late at night and wants to go to bed without a big announcement, a quiet bed is key.

If you’re up late, by the time you go to bed you’ll just want to slip under the covers and drift directly into dreams. Don’t let a squeaky mattress spring jolt you from your dreams, sleep cycle or wake the house when you finally hit the hay in the wee hours of the morning.

Lets Cats Jump On the Bed Silently

Pet-owners also know the value of a whisper-quiet bed. Loving animals often come to sleep on the foot of your bed or even up under the covers. If you have a corner-kitty or a puppy-footwarmer, you don’t want to wake up too much (or at all) when they decide to join you in the middle of the night. You have your bedtime and your pets have theirs, and everyone is welcome on the bed – as long as their entrance is a quiet one.

It’s comforting, and possibly part of your daily routine, to feel your loving dog jump onto the bed at night, and cats sometimes make an entrance with no notice at all. With a quiet bed, your animals can come to snuggle your feet any time of night without waking you up or messing with the hours of sleep you get.

Won’t Wake the Baby

Speaking of waking, young parents have been known to seek quiet furniture and sound-proof everything. After all, it’s only safe to relax when the baby is napping. There is nothing more frustrating for a sleep-deprived parent than getting the baby to sleep, only to wake the crying infant with a loud creak of the bed as you lay down for your own nap or to sleep at night.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you have a baby on the way or — worse, if you have a creaky bed and an infant in the same house — consider the benefits of a quiet bed that won’t wake the baby. Change whatever is necessary to silence that squeak and get some healthy sleep. Change the mattress, replace the box spring, and tighten the bolts on your bed frame. Your precious hours (and minutes) of sleep are worth it, especially to help keep some sort of sleep hygiene during this time.

Doesn’t Wake Your Partner When You Come to Bed

Every long-term partnership has times where one person goes to bed after their partner is already asleep. This can be a loving and snuggly meeting between two sleepy people or it can make a whole lot of noise causing sleep deprivation for one or both partners. If you keep the room disturbances to a minimum, your spouse can quickly fall back asleep, happier for your presence. But a big noisy cacophony is likely to wake them to irritation instead, something no one wants.

A noisy bed is bad news for any two people trying to share a sleeping cycle because a light snack desired or every movement of the other person makes a waking and often shrill sound. From restless sleep to late-night snuggles, a creaky bed makes everything more awkward and less sleep-supportive.

Doesn’t Wake Your Partner When You Go for a Midnight Snack

The same rule applies for nighttime adventures. Many people wake up in the night and need to swing by the kitchen or bathroom before they can sleep again. Sound familiar? Most of us have experienced this at least a few times. You wake up thirsty or ravenously hungry. Maybe you need to shake off a bad dream with a quick walk-around or a hot shower.

If you have a partner (or thin walls in a family house) your creaky bed will betray you every time. One squeak, much less the half-dozen from getting out of bed, could wake your partner, your pets, your baby, your sister down the hall, and possibly the dead. When all you wanted was some apple juice before going back to bed. A quiet bed makes nighttime adventures quick, silent, and harmless for those who need a little walk-around before settling down for sleep again.

Will Never Clash With Your Sleep Soundtrack

Finally, a quiet bed respects your sleep soundtrack. Every one of us has a soundscape in which we sleep. Sometimes, the natural soundscape is soothing. Maybe you live near the ocean or a constantly whooshing highway. For many, however, nearby sounds can be intrusive or the house can even be too quiet – so that every little sound wakes you up. In these cases, a white noise machine, artificial light, or soft music speaker is a great idea for your bedroom. Creating a soothing soundscape paired with a comfortable temperature compatable to your body temperature helps for the perfect combination for the hours before bedtime. And then don’t let your bed interrupt that sleep-inducing soundtrack with discordant squeaks and creaks. A quiet bed frame, box, and mattress ensure that your perfect sleep soundscape stays perfect all night long.

Find Your Quiet Bed

Is your bed too old to be quiet? Chances are your mattress is already past it’s best years and it’s time to upgrade. Don’t let questions stop you, check out the Buyer’s Guide. Switch out a creaky bed frame for a simple frame that definitely won’t creak. Eschew the box spring or get a new box that is squeak-free. Try a fully foam mattress or a new innerspring or hybrid that never squeaks with every move and bounce. Build or reconstruct your bed for a whisper-quiet sleep, whether you work late, seek midnight snacks, or fight pirates in your dreams.

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