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Do You Really Need Mattress Accessories?

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Mattress accessories are a long-standing tradition in the bedding industry as not everyone sleeps the same way and, over time, we each learn the best ways to keep our mattresses and beddings for long-term comfort and sleep experience. According to Statistica, 52 percent of people use mattress pads while only 25% of people use mattress protectors.

Mattress covers, box springs, and all the other accessories that could come with your mattress are all worth considering. If you don’t decide on the bedding accessory right away, you can still add them later if you learn something new about your bed. Today, we’re diving into the full extent of mattress accessories to help you decide which ones you really need for a comfortable bed setup today.

1. Mattress Protector

The first essential mattress accessory for your sleep environment is the mattress protect, sometimes called a mattress cover. This simple rectangle of fabric is meant to protect your mattress from stains, moisture, and mold.

What Does It Do?

Mattress protectors help your mattress last longer, avoid unnecessary damage and keep yur mattress clean. Moisture and allergens are the most common risks to wreak havoc on your sleep space. Some mattress protectors are lined with plastic or other synthetic materials to help prevent any wetness from reaching the mattresses. Some are hypoallergenic and ensure that your mattress will not collect or release allergens as you sleep.

Do You Need It?

Yes. This sleep accessory every mattress should have, as well as a backup for washing day. The protector is like the super-durable (not as skin-comfy) sheet under your sheets that gets messy instead of your mattress.

Can you use a mattress without a mattress cover? Of course. But your mattress will last longer with a cover than without. Plus, you can throw the mattress cover in the wash when something spills, and you can’t throw the mattress in.

2. Box Springs

Box springs are the most questioned mattress accessory. Do you really still need them? What even are box springs?

What Does It Do?

A box spring is a rigid wooden frame with a grid of large springs in the center. The entire thing is then upholstered to match a mattress set. Traditional mattresses that are padding and springs do rely on a box spring below to add rigid square support at the edges and extra bounciness in the middle. Without this, a traditional mattress will sag at the edges so it can’t be sat upon and edge-sleeping is uncomfortable messing up your nights sleep.

Do You Need It?

If you have a traditional spring style mattress, yes. But otherwise, no. If you have a modern mattress of the layered foam or adjustable bed variety, then box springs are an outdated sleep technology accessory.

3. Seasonal Bedsheet Sets

You know that you need one set of sheets, but what about backups? Many adults keep a whole linen closet full of spare sheets and blankets. Why? Because seasons change, and you also have laundry. That linen closet likely has some fuzzy flannel sheets for winter and lightweight percale sheets for summer along with other quality sheets and breathable sheets. Different weights of blanket and even different pillow cases will all affect your quality range of sleep in seasonal temperatures.

What Does It Do?

Seasonal sheets adapt your bedding and sleep sanctuary to the seasons. Warm sheets keep you cozy without trapping heat uncomfortably. Cooling sheets or cotton sheets keep your summer sleep breezy without an actual breeze. Swapping these out at the right times helps to avoid bedtime shivers or waking up overheated. The same goes for swapping summer and winter weight blankets.

Do You Need It?

Yes. Everyone should have at least one set of winter sheets and one set of summer sheets so you can adapt your sleep style to the seasons. Ideally, three sets of each type of sheet per-bed ensures that beds are always made no matter the state of laundry.

4. Bed Skirt

Bed skirts are a traditional bed decoration. Usually, they are full-sheet sized and stretch between the box/mattress and the bedframe. Around the edge is a ruffle that hangs down all the way around the gap between the bedframe and the floor. The ruffle is the only part that shows, but do you need this innovative sleep technology?

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What Does It Do?

Believe it or not, the bed skirt does have a purpose. A heavy bedskirt that touches the floor can help prevent dust from building up underneath your bed. It also hides any under-bed storage or, more realistically, under-bed clutter. The more ruffly the skirt, the less useful it becomes.

Do You Need It?

No. No one needs a bed skirt and you won’t regret not having one. If you want to protect the underside of your bed from prying eyes and creeping dust, choose your bed skirt carefully. If you want decorative matching bedding, a bed skirt can be part of that. But you absolutely do not need a bed skirt for the form or function of your bed ensemble.

5. Bed Railings

Bed railings are special rails you can attach to the frame of the bed. They can also slip foundations between the mattress and the box or bedframe. Bed railings are common for young children, people who are very ill, and the occasional sleep disorder to prevent nighttime falls.

What Does It Do?

There are many designs of bed railings, but they all do the same thing: they keep a person from falling out of bed. Small children toss in their sleep and could get hurt in a fall, so we put railings on their beds. Especially top bunks. Bed railings are also used in hospitals to help people sit up with arm strength and to protect the weakened from harm falling out of bed. Bed railings can be openable for easy escape or permanent like a crib side.

Do You Need It?

Only specific situations call for bed railings but they can be absolutely necessary in these circumstances. Small children who have graduated from the crib and invalids recovering their strength may equally need help not to roll out of bed. The capably disabled also may need a different type of bed railing to rise and maneuver out of bed each morning.

6. Mattress Pads and Toppers

Mattress toppers are a mattress-width pad that unrolls over the top of your mattress. When you make your bed, the bottom sheet goes over the topper, enclosing the topper over the mattress so that you are sleeping on the topper through the sheet.

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What Does It Do?

Toppers change the top surface of your mattress. They could make your sleep surface firmer or add a softer sleep surface.  You can choose a cooling mattress topper or a textured one to change how your sleep environment feels. Mattress toppers let you adapt your mattress, personalize it, and make changes without changing the entire mattress or sleep space.

Do You Need It?

Some people need mattress toppers, some don’t. It depends on whether your current mattress top layer is perfect for you or if you need to make a change. If you love your mattress with a pillow-top or cooling foam top, you may not need a topper. If your mattress is good but not perfect, an alternative mattress topper can be that necessary change that gives you the ideal night’s sleep.

Which mattress accessories do you need? Which can you benefit from and sleep more soundly or enjoy even if they’re not needed? We are here to help you build the best possible bed ensemble and sleeping experience. Contact us today to consult on your ideal mattress and accessory set.


Some common mattress accessories include mattress toppers, mattress protectors, and pillows.
Yes, mattress accessories can improve sleep quality by providing additional comfort and support,
It is recommended to replace mattress accessories every 2-3 years, or as needed.

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