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How to Prepare Your Bedding for the Holidays

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Getting ready for holiday guests is always an exciting time. You have time to think fondly of your future guests and try to add little touches to the room’s decor that you think they will like. You might fold festive holiday towels into the guest bathroom, add festive products around the room, or lay out a few complimentary toiletries in case anyone forgets their essentials. But what about the bedding?

One of the most important elements getting ready for guests is making the bed. How can you prepare your bedding for the holiday season? We have some wonderful, practical, and decorative ideas to help you prepare enchanting beds for your holiday guests.

Give Each Guest Bed a Color or Theme

Whether you have one guest bed or a half-dozen, choose a theme for each bed that will reflect in the bedding so it will be guest ready. The color of the sheets, the design of the coverlet, and a matching palette of blankets and pillows in between will make every guest bed look both festive and invitingly comfortable during the holiday season. You might choose cranberry and poinsettia (red), evergreens and holly (green), or silver bells and snow (blue) or any number of lovely variations.

Look for designs that you can create with multiple bedding layers that will also look delightful when paired with your guest room decor or the selection of products. Not only will this make each bed feel special and look beautiful, it can also help make multiple guest beds feel personalized to the guest.

Provide Two Sets of Sheets for Every Bed

When preparing your bedding for the holidays, be sure to supply two sets of sheets for every bed. Should a private matter occur, many guests would prefer to change their own sheets and continue enjoying the holiday without disrupting others. Children and infirmed adults can also more easily ask that their bedding be changed when they know there is a spare set just for them. A set of matching sheets placed considerately in the guest closet is a clear sign that will make guests feel welcome and cared for.

It is also for this reason that hosts often place a spare set of pajamas in a drawer or provide extra toiletries in the guest bathroom. Every holiday is a meeting of humans who love each other, and sometimes that means considering another person’s potential physical needs while they stay as your guest.

Make a Holiday Bed with Blankets of Different Weights

The layered blanket trick is one of the strokes of hospitality genius discovered by hotels that will work amazingly for the holiday season. Not everyone sleeps with the same weight of blanket. Some people sleep hot and kick off all but the thinnest cover – even in wintertime. Some sleep cold and often have to ask for extra blankets. When preparing your holiday bedding, consider making each guest bed with multiple weighted blankets. These can be the perfect gifts for your guests’ night sleep. Place a thin insulating knit blanket over the top sheet, then a comfy quilt, then topped with a comforter or duvet. The layers may vary depending on your region and traditions, but this simple combination provides the perfect blanket selection for hot, cold, and medium sleepers who may soon be your guests.

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Drape a Festive Throw Blanket on the Dressing Chair

For the final blanket, drape a festive holiday throw blanket in a theme-matching color over the chair in the guest bedroom. Not only does this make the chair into a cozy winter reading spot, it also provides a go-anywhere wrap for guests who may find themselves frequently cold during the winter season. Holiday gatherings often feature family members who choose various ways to stay warm ranging from hilarious sweaters to wrapping up on the love seat. The extra throw blanket means that your guests won’t have to “steal” from the beautiful bed if they want to wrap up while relaxing on a couch or chair – and that one throw blanket is color-coded as theirs to carry.

Stock Up on the Pillow Types Did you know that they make different pillow types for different types of sleepers? There are standard pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. There are body pillows for snuggle-sleepers and contoured pillows for medical sleepers. Some people prefer very fluffy pillows, moldable down pillows, or thin flat pillows.

If you don’t know your guest’s preferred pillow types, stock up and offer them a variety. Pick up extra pillow cases in your guest bed theme’s color palette and use them to make a beautiful, hotel-quality bed display.

Your guests can then choose their favorite pillows and snuggle with the rest or place them neatly in a closet. Having different pillow types is a very welcoming gesture that ensures each of your guests gets a good night’s sleep with the pillows they like best.

Practice Artful Pillow Stacking What about that pillow stack? Once you have pillows of various sizes and fluffiness, create a beautiful palette using pillow cases ( you can even swap the pillow case covers between bedding sets for a nice splash of contrasting color) and begin stacking. Place the longest pillows at the bottom, the fluffiest pillows in the middle, and the smallest pillows on top or toward the front of the stack.

Choose something as the “cherry on top” to serve as a final decoration. This might be a holiday stuffed animal for a visting child, a festive accent pillow, or even a ribbon-topped present.

Top Each Bed with a Decorative Coverlet

Last but never least, give every guest bed a decorative topper. This may be a beautiful comforter, a stunning holiday duvet cover, or a decorative coverlet. The final touch tells your guests that what you have prepared for them is more than just a bed, it’s a wrapped gift of beautiful decor and luxurious sleep.

Preparing Your Bedding for Holiday Guests

That is how you can prepare your home’s bedding for holiday guests. With these steps completed, it will be easy to make a beautiful bed and make your holiday guests feel truly welcome when they arrive. To find everything you need to create gloriously themed holiday bedding designs, assist your lymphatic system, contact us or head to your local No Bull Mattress location. We will be delighted to help you choose luxurious sheets, festive blankets, and the perfect coverlet for every bed design you want to create.


Yes, it is recommended to wash new sheets before using them. New sheets can contain chemicals, dyes, and other substances that can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. Additionally, washing new sheets can help to remove any manufacturing residue or dust that may have accumulated during storage or transportation. By washing new sheets before use, you can ensure that they are clean, fresh, and safe for you to sleep on.
The order for layering bedding typically starts with the fitted sheet, followed by the flat sheet, then any blankets or comforters, and finally pillows and pillowcases. However, the exact order may vary depending on personal preference and the specific bedding being used.
One way to freshen your bedding without washing it is to use a fabric freshener spray. Simply spray a light mist over your bedding and allow it to dry before using. Another option is to place a dryer sheet between your sheets or in your pillowcases to add a fresh scent. You can also try airing out your bedding by hanging it outside on a clothesline or near an open window to allow fresh air to circulate. Finally, using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to gently clean the surface of your mattress can also help to freshen your bedding.

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