Choosing the right mattress is a challenging task. There are many factors to take into account, including your personal sleeping style, whether you share your sleeping space with a partner or child, your budget, and your body type. While a Twin might be sufficient for a teen or smaller adult, a Queen size mattress offers more room to stretch out, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


More Info on Queen Mattresses

Queen Size Bed

A Queen size bed offers room enough for an average-sized couple to sleep comfortably. If one or both partners are larger, or taller, or are restless sleepers, it may be necessary to consider a larger bed. A twin bed is suitable for a single adult or teenager, and a full isn’t much larger. A Queen size bed is the minimum size recommended for couples. It’s a common size, and bedding is affordable and easy to come by, making it a practical choice for couples on a budget.


Queen Mattress

A Queen mattress comes in a variety of styles and designs. Queen mattresses are available in innerspring, foam, and adjustable models. Inner spring mattresses are made from springs which are wrapped in padding. Heavier sleepers will want to seek heavier-gauge springs, which will provide a firmer sleeping surface and will hold their shape longer, providing a longer-wearing durability. A foam mattress is optimal for some back-sleepers and those who prefer a softer surface. Restless sleepers may find it less comfortable, however. An adjustable mattress is ideal for couples who have differing sleep styles, since each side can be adjusted to suit the individual sleeper.


Queen Bed Dimensions

A Queen bed dimensions is 60”x80”, which provides plenty of sleeping space for the average sleeper or couple. You should allow a solid 36” around all sides of the bed for comfortable movement around the room, so take the additional space needed into account when measuring the space where you intend to place your Queen bed.