Is a Twin bed the right size for your space? It depends first upon the size of the sleeper that will be using the bed, and secondly upon the size of the space itself. A Twin mattress fits small spaces and is suitable for most young singles. A Twin bed may be the right choice for your child’s first bed when transitioning from a crib.


More Info on Twin Mattresses

Twin Mattress

A Twin mattress is the narrowest of the adult-sized beds, providing plenty of sleeping surface for a young adult to adult sleeper. It’s often the first choice for parents transitioning their young child from a crib to their first full sized bed. It’s a good choice for smaller rooms and apartments, especially for teenager’s rooms and guest rooms with limited space. The bedding is easy to find and affordable, making a Twin a budget-friendly choice.


Twin Bed for a Child’s Room

A Twin bed is an excellent choice for a child’s room, with a wide variety of headboard and bed designs available. Under bed storage and other features make Twin beds one of the most accessible and maneuverable sizes, flexible enough to fit nearly any room in your home. From a small child’s room to a basic guest room, a Twin bed is the right size for nearly any space.


Is a Twin Size Bed Right for Me?

For the average single adult, a Twin size bed is the most economical and practical choice available. It provides plenty of sleeping surface for a single sleeper, and fits nearly any room. Measure the room, and add 36” to the width of the mattress and on one end for clearance around the bed. The average Twin size bed is 39”x75”, making it a compact choice, perfect for a starter apartment or child’s room.