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Buying a New Mattress Near Savannah, GA

No Bull Mattress has a new mattress store in Bluffton, SC to serve all of your quality discount mattress needs.  Just a short drive from Savannah, GA you will find the best selection with the absolute LOWEST prices. We even offer delivery to Savannah, so come browse and shop our mattress selection and we will deliver your new mattress right to your door.

Shopping for a mattress will never be the same for Savannah, GA residents and college students. No Bull Mattress & More is only minutes away in Bluffton, SC, offering quality discount mattresses with a high-quality shopping experience. 

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Our Beds and Mattresses

The friendly staff at our Bluffton mattress store near Savannah is ready to assist you when seeking an affordable, high-quality mattress. We provide an exceptional level of service, providing knowledgeable assistance to help you find that perfect mattress. 

We are constantly updating our selection of mattresses, ensuring we carry the highest quality selection of styles, sizes, and brands. So no matter your sleeping concerns or goals, such as snoring, falling asleep faster, or backaches, we are here to match you with a new mattress. 

We know everyone has different sleep habits and needs, so we are here to help provide you with information about mattress construction types and fill, including innerspring mattresses, pocketed coil, memory foam, and hi-tech hybrids. We also have an assortment of mattress accessories available to complement your mattress purchase, such as reclining bases. 

Next to the kitchen and the bathroom, the bedroom happens to be the most lived-in space in the home. It is the room where you retreat to get rest as well as to seek comfort and relaxation. However, even if you reside in the most charming house in all of Georgia, after living in the same dwelling for a while, things in that space can start to feel boring and outdated. The mattress may feel lumpy and uncomfortable, the artwork might start to look a little bland and the wall colors might seem depressing and bleak. It’s bound to happen, and this is when a simple bedroom makeover becomes valuable.

A Savannah Georgia Bedroom Makeover

Refresh the bed: It may not be necessary to purchase a whole new bed, however updating the mattress can make the difference for a good night’s sleep. Chances are there is a mattress store near Savannah Georgia so you don’t have to go very far for your new pillow top or firm. Once you have your new mattress, you must dress it with tons of fluffy pillows and a comfy spread with subtle floral motifs.

Change the colors: All of the tones featured in your bedroom should work together in unison, this includes the color of the walls as well as the color of your floor, window treatments, your bedspread, as well as all other accessories. Neutral and soft colors would set your southern bedroom apart from the rest, therefore, consider tones in pale blue, pink, yellow, or orange. 

Update your sitting areas: There is a certain southern elegance in having a plush bench at the end of the bed with an accenting armchair not far away. 

Bring the outdoors in: It is no secret that people from Georgia love the outdoors, bringing that inside the bedroom is a beautiful way to continuously release good-mood endorphins while promoting deep sleep. Plants such as Chinese evergreen, snake plant, arrowhead vine, and peace lilies are all lovely to look at and they flourish with very little maintenance.

The lighting: Nothing says elegance more than a regal chandelier hanging in the middle of your plush bed. This lighting does not have to be large or exaggerated, however, it has to complement the size of your space. It can be your wow piece that ties the entire room together.

Declutter and organize: One of the best ways to makeover your bedroom is to keep the room clutter-free and organized. There should be no piles of clothing or accessories laying about, instead, everything featured in your space should have a specific organized place. 

In addition to prettying up your space with new this’s and that’s, a bedroom makeover can also help you reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve positivity, REM sleep and increase the value of your home. Bringing your southern charm into this makeover is a fun and easy way to show your personality and patronage, the suggestions above are simple ways to do just that. 

Directions From Savannah To Our Bluffton Store

For Google Directions Click Here

  1. Get on GA-404 Spur N/US-17 N from W Bay St
  2. Head west on W Bay St toward W Upper Factors Walk
  3. Turn left onto Fahm St
  4. Turn right onto GA-25 Connector N/W Oglethorpe Ave
  5. Take the ramp onto GA-404 Spur N/US-17 N
  6. Take Simmonsville Rd/State Rd S-7-474 to your destination
  7. Turn left onto Buck Island Rd
  8. Continue straight onto Simmonsville Rd/State Rd S-7-474
  9. Turn right onto Bluffton Parkway
  10. Turn right onto Bluffton Park Crescent
  11. Turn left
  12. Destination will be on the right


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