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Tips on How to Style Your Bed Like a Pro

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It has been stated that nearly three-quarters of bed makers feel like they are more accomplished at the end of the day, versus those who are not bed makers. For most of us, making a bed means hurriedly spreading sheets and blankets a few minutes before heading out in the morning. However, people who want to create an inviting bedroom environment know that it all depends on how you style your bed – from getting the foundations right to styling a throw blanket, square pillows, decorative pillows and considering the bed accessories, like a flat sheet or not.

While it may seem like a mundane and straightforward activity, styling a bed is almost an art, especially if you intend to treat yourself to a hotel-style bedroom with the use of premium linen sheets and white bedding. And although it may take a little effort to elevate your bedroom scene, there is no doubt that the level of satisfaction that comes with a perfectly put-together bed is worth it in the end.

Notably, there are different ways to style a bed depending on a master bedroom or guest bedroom, but this guide provides a proven formula that works for almost any type of space. Here are ways to style your bed like a pro:

Start with a solid foundation

You spend a third of your life in bed, a reason enough to invest in a quality bed, sheets, and, of course, a mattress. Needless to say, you don’t expect to create an elegant bedroom scene if your sheets and mattress are faded and worn, no matter the extra layer you have. So, before you even think of styling your bed, take a good look at your bedroom accessories to see whether they complement your bedroom.

In regard to sheets, experts advise choosing white, not only because they are classic, but also because they provide a good base for layering on color, prints, and patterns. Once your foundation is sorted, you are ready to move on to subsequent details.

Consider a color scheme

Your choice of color scheme plays a key role in accentuating your bedroom, and is therefore worth your consideration when styling your bed. As mentioned, you can opt for white sheets to create a perfect neutral base and provide a place where your eyes can rest when choosing accessories (e.g., euro pillows, throw pillow, or sleeping pillows) of complementary colors.

Depending on your preferences, you can go for warm tones to create a cozy atmosphere or warm neutral hues for that fresh vibe. Ideally, start with bedding when styling your bed or even decorating the rest of the room.

Pick complimentary pillows and cushions

Choosing the best types of pillows and sleeping pillows does not only make your bed appear more elegant but also helps you to sleep better. Begin by straightening the duvet, then position your pillows above it just as you see it done in plush hotels. For the cushions, let them sit symmetrically and upright so that they face into the room. Having them in two pairs makes your bed look more luxurious and stylish, as opposed to placing only one on each side.

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Consider a reversible duvet cover

Unlike traditional blankets, a reversible duvet cover offers two options for your design: You can either smooth it below the pillows or fold it back to expose the underside, especially if it complements the design on the upper side. And besides allowing you to change the look of the bed daily, it supports a more visual layering of your bed linen.

Use throws

Including throws in your styling goes a long way in adding a hint of texture, which helps to create a cozy and inviting bed. They also come in handy in enhancing functionality for cooler nights as well as complementing your wooly blankets, cushions, and sheets. Note that to achieve a more casual look, don’t place your throws too formally; they should be casually draped along the side or positioned at the foot of the bed.

Invest in quality bed linen

For your bedding material, linen and cotton are the ideal types, thanks to their natural fibers that keep you warm during winter and cooler in summer, not to mention they give your bed a luxurious look. Aim for a 300-400 thread count for your linen, and ensure it is woven from quality cotton. You should also consider investing in different layers for your bed, including a flat sheet and quilt, for guaranteed warmth and comfort. 

Layer up

Adding multiple layers is an excellent way to style your bed and make it more comfortable. You can opt for neutral colors or experiment with patterns to create contrast and depth. A simple method for layering up is placing a light quilt on top of the sheets, followed by the duvet. Fold the duvet in half to show off the rest of the layers and pillows. During the cold season, you can sleep under the duvet and use the quilt to accentuate the look of the bed, and during the warmer months, replace your heavy duvet with a lighter one.

Add finishing touches

When it comes to final touches, there is no limit to what you can do. A few additions you can make when styling your bed are having a reasonable number of pillows and throws for comfort, as well as pulling together your color scheme. You can also consider cleaning and styling your nightstand, and don’t forget to stack a few books for your guests to read while relaxing.

Keep in mind that styling a bed is all about paying attention to details. Whatever additions appeal to your taste, be sure to style your bed the best way you know how.

A simplified step-by-step guide on how to style your bed

To make it easier for you to implement the tips mentioned here, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow:

  •   Start by spreading a valance sheet to hide the bed frame
  •   Use a mattress topper for added comfort
  •   Use a mattress protector to prevent stains and mites
  •   Use either a flat or fitted sheet to cover the mattress
  •   Layer a top sheet and a thin quilt
  •   Drape a duvet on top and fold it back to ensure the quilt is visible
  •   Stack a few pillows on top of the sheets
  •   Drape a bedspread to achieve a boutique hotel look
  •   Layer up cushions in complementary colors
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Achieving a luxurious and inviting bed comes down to the styling, which involves, among other things, your choice of color scheme, pillows and throws, your style of layering, and the use of quality bed linen. With these tips, you have the requisite tools for styling your bed like a pro!

Indeed, you cannot style your bed successfully without having a quality mattress or the right mattress size, and this is where No Bull comes in. With our broad choice of mattresses, you can be sure to find one that suits your price and comfort. Visit one of our mattress stores near you to learn more from the experts.



Some tips for styling your bed like a pro include layering different textures and patterns, using decorative pillows and throws, and incorporating a statement headboard.
You can create a cohesive look for your bedding by choosing a color scheme and sticking to it, as well as selecting bedding accessories that complement each other.
Some common mistakes to avoid when styling your bed include using too many decorative pillows, choosing bedding that is too busy or mismatched, and neglecting to make your bed every day.

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