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How To Choose The Best Blankets

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Key Points:

1. We discuss 11 different types of blankets to choose from for your bed, each with their own benefits. Knowing the differences can help you find the perfect blanket for your needs.

2. Factors like warmth, weight, washability, and materials are important to consider when selecting a blanket type.

3. Certain blankets like wool, chenille, and quilts require more delicate care when washing.

4. Heated blankets provide warmth without heaviness but need special caution against risks.

5. Weighted and microfiber blankets have become popular for their claimed anxiety-reducing and allergy-friendly properties.

When it comes to bedtime comfort, nothing completes a cozy experience like the perfect blanket. Just like bread and butter, beds and blankets are a perfect match. They provide warmth, comfort, and a sense of security after a long, stressful day. As you snuggle up next to your loved one, blankets become an essential part of your sleep sanctuary. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through 11 different types of blankets, helping you find the one that’s right for your bed.

Comforter – The Ultimate Warmth and Coziness

A comforter is a must-have for those seeking warmth and comfort for winter. With its bulk and three-layer construction, a comforter offers exceptional insulation. It can be filled with materials like cotton blends, wool, feathers, and more. Despite their substantial warmth, comforters are designed to be lightweight, ensuring a cozy experience without feeling weighed down. Discover the ideal comforter for your needs while keeping in mind that not all comforters are machine-washable.

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Quilt – The Timeless Appeal of Tradition

Quilts exude an old-fashioned charm and have been a beloved part of our American culture for centuries. These unique and practical blankets come in various patterns, fabrics, colors, and sizes. Choose a quilt that perfectly complements your bedroom décor while offering warmth during colder seasons. Consider using a neatly folded quilt at the end of your bed to keep your feet cozy. However, be cautious with washing delicate quilts that may come apart when machine-washed.

Duvet – Versatility and Style Combined

Duvets offer versatility like no other blanket. Consisting of a warm insert and a removable cover, they provide easy washing and the opportunity to switch up your bed’s look with different covers. From thick and warm options to lighter ones suitable for warmer seasons, duvets cater to diverse preferences. Keep in mind that frequent movers in bed may need to readjust the insert within the cover occasionally.

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Throw Blanket – Lightweight Protection and Decorative Flair

For a touch of style and lightweight protection, a throw blanket is an excellent choice. Smaller in size, it can be placed on your bed, daybed, or couch. Some even use throw blankets as shawls when they get out of bed. While not typically covering the entire bed due to their smaller size, throw blankets can add an attractive decorative element to your sleep space.

Electric Blanket – Cozy Warmth Without the Bulk

Ideal for colder climates, electric blankets provide customizable warmth through adjustable heat levels. These blankets eliminate the need for multiple heavy layers, making them a practical choice. However, it’s important to exercise caution due to the fire and burn risks associated with electric blankets.

Weighted Blanket – Calming Comfort for Restful Sleep

If you enjoy the feeling of a heavy blanket, a weighted blanket might be your perfect match. Known for their anxiety-reducing properties and their ability to aid in falling asleep, weighted blankets have gained popularity. However, keep in mind that their size, bulk, and diverse filling materials can present challenges when it comes to washing and maintenance.

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Chenille Blanket – Luxurious Softness and Rich Texture

Experience ultimate luxury with a chenille blanket, boasting a rich texture that feels heavenly against your skin. These soft and warm blankets offer a touch of elegance and come in various designs. Be mindful of their delicate nature when it comes to washing and maintenance.

Sherpa Blanket – Dual-Sided Softness for Year-Round Comfort

Sherpa blankets provide the best of both worlds with their double-sided design. Featuring soft and smooth flannel on one side and cozy, bumpy fleece on the other, they can be used with either side facing up. Sherpa blankets strike a perfect balance between warmth and lightweight comfort, making them an excellent choice for your bed.

Wool Blanket – Natural Warmth and Breathability

Wool blankets, renowned for their warmth and breathability, serve as an extra layer on your bed. Despite the rough and itchy feel of wool against the skin, layering it between a quilt and sheet allows you to enjoy its natural benefits without direct contact. Wool is a biodegradable, fire-resistant, and antimicrobial natural fiber, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Fleece Blanket – Affordable Softness and Lightweight Comfort

Fleece blankets, often received as Christmas gifts, offer warmth, softness, and affordability. Made from synthetic materials, they are lightweight and cuddly, perfect for snuggling up while watching a movie or reading a book by the fireplace. Fleece blankets come in various sizes and are hypoallergenic, catering to different needs.

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Microfiber Blanket – Durable Versatility and Allergy-Friendly

Microfiber blankets, tightly woven from various fibers, are excellent for layering or using as your primary blanket. Their ability to resist trapping dirt and dust makes them a favorite among allergy sufferers. With their durability and machine-washable nature, microfiber blankets can provide years of comfort. However, it’s crucial to avoid exposing them to high heat to prevent melting.We hope this comprehensive guide has shed light on the various types of blankets available for your bed. Choosing the perfect blanket and breathable bed is essential for creating a cozy sleep environment. At No Bull Mattress and More, we prioritize your good night’s sleep. Explore our online store for great deals and feel free to contact our friendly customer service for any inquiries. We’re here to provide straight, helpful answers and eliminate the “bull” from your bedding choices!


The number of blankets you need depends on personal preference, climate, and the level of warmth you desire. Generally, having two to three blankets of different weights and thicknesses can provide flexibility for different seasons and comfort levels.
People sleep with multiple blankets for various reasons, including personal comfort preferences, temperature regulation, and creating a cozy and secure sleep environment. Additional blankets can provide extra warmth, especially during colder nights, and give a sense of comfort and security while sleeping. Some individuals may also layer blankets of varying thicknesses to adjust their sleeping temperature throughout the night. Ultimately, the number of blankets a person uses is subjective and based on individual needs and preferences.
Blankets can be used for bedding to provide warmth and comfort while sleeping, as well as for snuggling, decoration, picnics, travel, and creating forts or privacy.

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