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Why Your Old Mattress Could Be Hurting Your Back, Cherry Hill

Throughout a lifetime most people will experience back pain at one point or another. Most of the time symptoms of back pain are not too serious unless you have serious health concerns such as arthritis or injury. If you find yourself waking up suddenly with irritating back pain, then the culprit could be your bed.

When you sleep each night on a bed that is not providing you with proper support you will likely begin to feel pain in your back. Depending on your age and health, this back pain can vary in severity. Your initial instinct may be to go to see a chiropractor. However, if your bed is causing the back pain then you will just be wasting your money. The solution is actually simpler than you think. Simply replace your old bed with a new one that is more comfortable. Over a period of time your back pain should go away.

Replace your bed and say good bye to daily back pain!

If you are experiencing regular back pain and aren’t sure why the solution may be as simple as buying a new bed. How can you tell if your bed is causing the pain?

Do you toss and turn a lot before you fall asleep?
Do you wake at night because you are uncomfortable?
Is your bed 8 years or more old?
Is your bed visibly worn out, sagging in the middle, torn or lumpy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are experiencing back pain then you should consider replacing your bed.

Worried about the cost of a new bed? The mattress store in Cherry Hill has a variety of brand new beds to suit any budget. Your old mattress could be hurting your back! So, why not replace it with something new and more comfortable?


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