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6 Benefits of Making Your Bed Every Day

The No Bull Mattress Team

The No Bull Mattress Team

This article was written and fact checked by the team at No Bull Mattress & More.

Have you been looking for a better way to be productive? It has been found via CNBC that 34 percent of people who make their bed each morning reported being more productive at work with 58 person saying they were simply more productive. We will be discussing the different benefits of making your bed every day.


Making your bed helps you start your day off on the right foot. If you’re already being productive before you’ve even had breakfast, you’re more likely to complete the rest of your responsibilities. You’ll be satisfied with this first chore and gain a sense of accomplishment. For this reason, you’ll probably be motivated in other areas of your life creating a better daily practice for yourself. If you’re well-rested, it will also be much easier to communicate with your roommate or partner.

If you’re in a good mood when you wake up, you’ll probably be a lot more tolerant towards your coworkers throughout the day, and you may even attract some new opportunities. All in all, it’ll be much easier to get through your routine tasks if your bed is already made, ready to welcome you home.

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When you have a well-made bed, the rest of your room begs for your attention. You may start to see clutter and begin sweeping the floor or decide that it is finally time to do some laundry. Whatever the case may be, a tidy bed encourages cleanliness throughout your sleep sanctuary.

You might become motivated to set up the perfect Feng Shui bedroom or get yourself exactly the kind of pillows you want as well as using the perfect accessories. Perhaps there are some nightstands you’ve been eyeing that would make a good addition to the space. The choice to make your bed in the morning will likely influence how productive and tidy you are for the remainder of the day.

When you are in a productive mode of operation, you’ll likely be more mindful about how many cups you use and how many outfits you take out of your closet before you get dressed. Since a clean environment can often relax you, this could help you practice five minutes of meditation, which leads to a far more productive day more often than not, even if you only have five minutes to spare.


Making your bed is the first chore of the day. If you do this well, you’re off to a great start, and the rest of your tasks will likely be a lot easier to complete.

When you can practice mindfulness for a few extra seconds it helps you act in the same manner with everything else you’d like to accomplish. When you build healthy habits, they often overflow into other aspects of life. Perhaps you’ll do the dishes after working out and cook yourself a healthy breakfast, or maybe you’ll remember that taking a hot bath right before bed really helps you wind down, especially after a long day at the office.


Believe it or not, making your bed does actually do wonders for your mood. It can help you feel calmer and happier.

In certain philosophies, such as Feng Shui, some believe that the state of your environment attracts certain people, items, and situations in for a balanced life. For instance, it is thought that a clean kitchen attracts wealth. People who follow this practice also believe that a clean bedroom draws in love and a happy relationship. If this is the case, then making your bed is an excellent way to set yourself up for success!

Furthermore, various studies have shown that people who struggle with mental disorders tend to be much happier when their homes are clean. There’s something about external chaos that can reflect our inner turmoil at times, but the opposite is also true. A clean environment can aid in the ongoing battle we fight every day to find inner peace, and that is truly priceless.

If your bed is made, you’ve completed the first chore of the day. You’ll be more motivated to follow through with your other tasks, and this will likely lead to a far more productive use of your time and energy.

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If you’ve had an awful day, at least your bed will be ready for you to rest your wary bones and give you a sense of pride. If you’ve had a fantastic experience, your bed will still be made, beckoning you to a night of deep relaxation.


If you’re not completely convinced that making your bed truly does impact your life in a variety of ways, you may want to take a look at this article. Apparently, people who make their beds in the morning are 19% more likely to get a good night sleep than those who don’t. When you think about the importance of a serene slumber, making your bed suddenly becomes even more important.

Getting enough hours of sleep contributes to a healthy weight, influences your mood, and affects your energy levels. The five extra minutes it takes in the morning are well worth it. Of course, there’s no need to create a magazine-worthy bed when you get up. Many of us struggle to do this perfectly, but the good news is that you don’t have to. You can simply make sure that the comforter is over the sheets and the bed looks fairly tidy. Chances are, doing this every day will make a huge impact on every area of your life.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of health. When you prioritize rest by making your bed every morning, you’re putting your well-being first. It helps you start your day off on right side of bed, maintain a tidy environment, and relax your mind, body, and spirit on a deep level, especially after many grueling hours at work. Please contact us at for more information on all things sleep-related.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some benefits of making your bed every day include reduced stress, increased productivity, and improved mood.
Yes, making your bed every day can improve sleep quality by creating a clean and organized sleep environment.
You can make your bed quickly and efficiently by using fitted sheets, fluffing pillows, and smoothing out wrinkles in the sheets.

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