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How is Quality of a Mattress Defined?

Quality is a subjective concept, but it’s possible to talk about the variables that define what makes a quality mattress. The more you know about what makes a mattress durable and comfortable, the easier it will be to choose the right one for you.

What is Meant by an Economy Mattress

At the most affordable end of the scale, an economy mattress is one that might not offer the

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same longevity and durability as a higher-priced model, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. An economy mattress probably has lighter-gauge springs, meaning it will wear out more quickly than a model with heavier steel which could be an issue for different body type as well as hot sleepers. It may also feature lesser materials in the padding and fewer features avaiable in the types of mattresses. That doesn’t mean it should be poor quality. There are affordable options that offer a restful night’s sleep no matter your personal preference.

Should I Choose A Premium Mattress

At the next price tier, you may find that mattresses have thicker padding and heavier springs in the type of mattress available. If you can afford a higher-priced mattress, be sure that you’re paying for a higher quality sleeping surface, and not just the extra expenses of a mattress store’s overhead that goes to cover fancy showrooms and high-priced, high-pressure salespeople. Your hard-earned dollars should go toward a quality mattress, not just to line the pockets of a mattress store.

What about A Luxury Mattress

At the “luxury” level, you’ll find that it’s even more important to discern the differences in the features of the mattress you’re being offered, especially if you’re a stomach sleeper. It’s important not to get so caught up in “bells and whistles” that you neglect to ask the most important question-  “Is this the right mattress for me?” A high-end memory foam mattress might be the right choice, or it might not, if you prefer the ability to roll over easily in bed and dislike the heat-retaining qualities of many memory foams. You also have a variety of hybrid mattresses, organic mattress, softer mattress, innerspring mattresses, and many other options to consider when it comes to your mattress purchase.

Come in to No Bull Mattress and let our knowledgeable sales staff help you choose the high-quality mattress that’s right for you, no matter your budget.


The quality of a mattress is determined by factors such as the materials used, the level of support and comfort it provides, and its durability.
A high-quality mattress will typically provide better support, comfort, and durability than a low-quality mattress.
You can tell if a mattress is of good quality by checking the materials used, reading reviews, and testing it out in person.

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