Queen Sized Bed Dimensions and Details

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Queen Sized Bed Dimensions and Details

The difference between a queen sized bed dimensions and details can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and feeling uncomfortably crowded. A queen mattress offers enough space for two average adults to sleep comfortably. Many families opt for a queen size bed for their young-adult children.

Queen Size Bed

The average American prefers a queen size bed for both convenience and adequate sleeping space. At

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Queen size bed measurements

60”x80”, queen size bed measurements provide plenty of space for two adult sleepers. If you’re used to sleeping alone on a full bed, you may be happy to discover that a queen provides just eight inches less per sleeper than a full size bed offers a single sleeper. In  short, you can share a bed with your partner without giving up crucial comfort space.

Queen Size Mattress

A queen size mattress is the most common size found in American bedrooms, which means it’s the easiest size to buy sheets and bedding for. It fits well into the average room and provides plenty of sleeping space for average adults. It’s a good balance of not taking up the entire room and offering plenty of space to stretch out comfortably to sleep.

Queen Size Bed Measurements

With the mattress taking up a 60”x80” space, the frame adds just a few inches on each side. You will also need to account for any head and footboard that you add to your queen size mattress frame. When you measure the space you’ll place your bed, be sure to allow extra room for the frame and for moving around the bed to make it and navigate the room.

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