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The Best Mattress Store In Charleston Is The One That Saves You Money

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In a recent post on our Charleston Mattress Warehouse blog, we discussed how peculiar it is that people will waste money on every new gimmick that promises to resolve their sleep problems with one exception: they won’t buy a new mattress.

The reason why most consumers do not replace their mattresses frequently enough is because they appear to believe that new beds are “overpriced” and “too expensive”. It is safe to say that anyone who has ever walked through a furniture store, or mattress gallery probably thinks this because of the shocking sticker prices that we see in these stores. Unfortunately this means that thousands of people across the United States are suffering from sleep disorders and perceived insomnia just because they do not want to spend money on a new mattress! How bizarre.

Luckily, at the best mattress store in Charleston, The Mattress Warehouse, we believe in finding “win-win” solutions to every day problems. This means, basically, that if we can save you money on a quality mattress AND help you get a better nights rest then that is what we intend to do. This is why; we offer the same mattress brand names that you see in furniture stores at a more reasonable price point. Allow me to repeat myself, the products that we sell are the EXACT same as the boutique mattress stores, except our products are either:

-Overstock that the manufacture needs to sell
-Remaining inventory on last years models
-Showroom samples, our “Last Of”
-Bulk Purchase

All you really need to know is that the products that you buy from us are identical to what you could pay more money for in a different type of furniture store. We also, operate using different practices, so that our overhead sales cost is less- so that we can charge YOU LESS. Let me explain;

Regular mattress stores in Charleston will open every single day from 9am-9pm and have 3 or 4 salespeople working “just in case” someone wants to buy a mattress. Since most people don’t go mattress shopping every day, or head out to replace all of their furniture the staff stands around doing nothing while their business manager pays them. This same guy also needs to pay for things like showroom maintenance, sales advertising, and other operational costs. By time he is finished he pretty much needs to double… no triple the cost of his inventory just to break even. This is why you pay more when you buy your mattress from one of these stores.

Mattress Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

Our mattress warehouse is the best mattress store in Charleston because we do not have a fancy showroom or sales people to pay with commission. Basically, we only open our doors when clients ask us too- and usually it is only for a few minutes to help them choose from pre-selected inventory. We are a small business that offers big savings because we understand how people feel about buying mattresses. We want to save you money as well a connect you with the same great products and that is why we have been so successful in growing our client base.

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