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A “No Bull” Guide to Zero Gravity

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Take it from your favorite astronaut – developing the zero gravity position is one of the best things NASA has done for humanity since, well… at least since the memory foam mattress.

Find out how you can benefit from a zero-gravity adjustable bed and where you can get this spectacular piece of technology in this guide to zero gravity.

Fair warning – this guide will NOT teach you how to walk on the moon (or moonwalk for that matter.)

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What Is Zero Gravity? 

A true state of zero gravity means the state of weightlessness experienced during a change in gravitational fields. As a space shuttle travels and changes speed in its orbit of the Earth, its centrifugal force balances the Earth’s gravitational pull – an absolute necessity to remain in orbit instead of getting drawn back towards the Earth. The result? The weightless state astronauts know as zero gravity.

While astronauts experience zero gravity while in space, during the actual liftoff and exit from the Earth’s atmosphere, they’re subjected to ridiculous amounts of gravitational force. In fact, they experience as many as 3 Gs on their way into the great beyond – that’s three times what you and I experience in our beds at home. This pressure can be harmful to the body, and it’s why NASA developed a neutral body posture known as the zero gravity position designed to provide maximum comfort for astronauts during these stressful periods. 

Why Should I Care About All This Science? And What Does It Have to Do With My Bed?

We’re getting to that. As with most of NASA’s best technology, other companies began to think of how we everyday humans could benefit. Soon, manufacturers realized that many of us experience the more unfortunate side effects of gravity in the form of painful pressure points throughout the body, and could benefit from the same positioning NASA astronauts used on liftoff.

To truly assume the zero gravity position you have to make sure your:

  • Torso and thighs are at equal angles from the hip
  • Upper body is elevated
  • Knees are bent
  • Legs are raised to about chest level

Not easy to do in a traditional bed, unless you’re a throw pillow collector – and even then, pillows are bound to shift at night just as you do. Instead, the geniuses behind the first adjustable bed base realized that the bed itself must support the zero gravity position and right they were. Once the entire body is relaxed and conforms to a high-quality zero gravity mattress… that’s when the magic truly happens.

Zero Gravity Sleep Position Benefits

OK, maybe it’s not really magic – after all, we did just spend time explaining the science behind it all. However, doctors, sleep experts, and customers alike have been bragging on the benefits of zero gravity sleep since NASA first came up with the idea – and at least some of them might just be magicians. Regardless, as it turns out, the health benefits truly do seem a bit magical.

Rest in a zero gravity bed and you’ll see five major health benefits, including: 

  1. Improved breathing. Do you suffer from asthma? Sleep apnea? Allergies? People experiencing upper respiratory conditions like these have found that the zero gravity position relieves the pressure on the lungs and airways, allowing easier breathing for uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Reduced snoring. Even if you don’t realize you snore, trust us – your bed partner does! Unfortunately, snoring interrupts quality REM sleep and makes you wake up feeling much less rested. The zero gravity position elevates your head – keeping your airways open, preventing obstructions, and allowing bed partners everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief.
  3. Alleviated back and neck pain. Even with the best, most comfortable mattress on the market, you risk placing extra pressure on the very parts of your body that can throw the S-shaped spine out of alignment. Zero gravity evenly distributes your weight throughout the natural curve of your spinal column and prevents any part of you from pressing into the surface of the mattress. The result? Zero gravity back pain relief.
  4. Reduced heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. If you’ve ever tried to sleep with that fiery burning sensation in your chest and throat, you know that heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion aren’t exactly conducive to a great night’s sleep. Zero gravity elevates your upper body, preventing acid from rising into the esophagus and throat. Just like that – less heartburn, more sleep.
  5. Improved circulation and swelling issues. If you’re like a lot of us, you might have a little extra weight to carry around or maybe high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney issues. These, along with pregnancy and exercise, can sometimes result in poor circulation and swelling in the hands and feet. Fortunately, sleeping in zero gravity elevates the torso and legs, improving circulation and reducing swelling.

How to Adjust Your Bed to Zero Gravity

Heard enough about the advantages of zero gravity? Ready to dive into the best night of sleep you’ve had since… ever? Here’s how to capture all the benefits of zero gravity for yourself.

  • First, you’ll need a zero gravity adjustable bed base that’s movable at the head and the foot. (Note: No Bull Mattresses and More sells multiple styles in our online shop as well as at each of our warehouse locations.) 
  • Then, choose your best-fit mattress; again, the majority of the mattresses we sell can be used with zero gravity beds. 
  • Finally, with many models, all you’ll have to do is look for a button on your remote control labeled Zero Gravity, 0 Gravity, Anti Gravity Bed, 90/90, or ZG. 
  • Alternately, use your remote to adjust your mattress to raise your legs above your heart with the thighs and torso aligned at about 128 degrees. 

That’s it! You’ve achieved the perfect zero gravity position for all the health benefits and comfort mentioned above. 

No Bull Mattress and More Can Help You!

Do you still have questions about what a zero gravity adjustable bed can do for you? If we’re in your community, stop in and see us at any of our No Bull warehouses and one of our sleep experts will be glad to let you experience the zero gravity bliss for yourself; otherwise, contact us or check out our selection online. No pushy sales gimmicks, no emergency pricing – just you, our best zero gravity beds, and your sleep decision; it’s the No Bull Guarantee.

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