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Mattress Size Guide: What Size Mattress Is Best For You?

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You probably know that your mattress size determines your nighttime comfort and affects your quality of life. If you ever struggle to sleep through the night or wake up with a low back pain or neck pain, it could be that you are using the wrong mattress size.   

A wrong mattress size may also hinder your efforts to lose weight and stay healthy. Studies show that a comfortable mattress lessens nervousness and irritability, reduces pains and aches associated with deprived sleep, and improves your quality of life.

If you are like most people, you are not sure the right mattress size for you or what the popular mattress size is, let alone the standard mattress size.. This is compounded by the fact that there are no standard mattress sizes for particular body sizes or  taller individuals like there are for shoes and clothes. Most of us purchase the mattress size we think will fit or what our peers recommend to us as a popular size. 

We are here to end this guesswork for you.  At No Bull Mattress, we have long years of experience in mattress and sleep matters and know just the right mattress size for you. Here is a guide to help you choose the best mattress size for a restful night and better quality of life:

Guide for the Best Mattress Sizes


Your baby spends most of the time sleeping. Their comfort and safety determine the crib mattress you select. At No Bull Mattress, we stock mini-crib and standard crib mattresses ideal for your nursery.

A mini crib measures 24″ wide and 34″ long and is ideal for a small room or placing two mini-cribs for twins. You can also use mini-cribs in a relative’s home, where you may need to go for sleepovers. 

Your baby will fit in a standard crib for several years. Besides, you can convert it into a toddler bed to avoid buying another bed until when the baby no longer needs the barricade fixed on cribs. If you have a standard crib mattress, you can still use it on your toddler bed depending on the bed size.

Crib mattresses range from 4″-6″. Choose a crib mattress that fits perfectly on your crib, reducing any inches of space, to enhance your baby’s safety. 

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Twin mattresses fit perfectly in small corners to give room for other bedroom furniture. They are the best for kids who have outgrown their toddler beds and have to share a small room or accommodate more furniture in their rooms. They measure 38” by 75″. 

You can choose a twin mattress when shopping on a budget, as they are inexpensive. However, they are too small if you want your kids to share a bed or when their friends come for a sleepover. A twin mattress is considered best for single sleepers or possibly a single adult. Twin mattresses are also wonderful for bunk beds.

Twin XL 

Your twin XL mattress is 38″ by 80″. You can put two of them together to form a standard king-size mattress. They are ideal when you want kids to  be single sleepers, but you can join them to accommodate guests sharing a bed.

Twin XL mattresses are inexpensive. However, if you are graduating from a twin mattress to a twin XL, you need to purchase bigger bedding as this mattress is longer than a twin mattress by 5 “. You are likely to find them in college dorms, hotel rooms, or small bedrooms. It is your personal preference if you think this type of mattress is needed.


This is the standard mattress for standard adult size beds. They are perfect for normal size adults and can be used by individuals or with a partner. Measuring 54″ by 74″, they fit well in medium size bedrooms. These mattresses are used in restaurants and medium size bedrooms as a single mattress. This is a great size for guest bedrooms.

Full/Double XL

This mattress is perfect for you if you or your partner requires extra length. They measure 54″ by 80′, making it 6 inches wider than a full/double bed. They are more expensive than standard double mattresses and may ask for special bedding. 

They are wide enough for sharing partners with a big bedroom. However, they may not be fit for tall users.


This is a perfect mattress if you have a large bedroom with 60″ by 80″ dimensions. It allows you to shift your sleeping direction without changing the direction your bed faces. This is one of the common sizes.

It is big enough for partners with large body frames or those who value some space to turn and toss unhindered while still sharing their bed. Look for queen size bedding to match this mattress. Most master bedrooms have a queen size mattress.

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The king mattress is 76″ wide and 80″ long. You will love this mattress if your partner requires extra length. It is also wide enough to accommodate a child that you need to share your bed with occasionally. 

Purchase this mattress if you have an extra-large bedroom or do not require extra furniture in the room. You may also encounter challenges when moving your bulky king mattress. 

California King or Cal King

With 84″ in length and 72″ width, the california king bed fits a long and narrow room. It is ideal for taller people. 

However, you may need to ask for custom-made bedding, as they are not easily available on the market as they are not a standard size. This may also push your budget higher.

Wyoming King

If you occasionally share your bed with yoru pets, consider getting these mattress types. It is wide enough for you and your partner and leaves enough space for the pets without compromising your safety or that of the pets.

This is 84″ by 84″ mattress requires a large room. It is also a good size for tall users. You may need custom-made accessories, but you can consult a reputable dealer like No Bull Mattress on where you can source them.  

Alaskan King

This 108″ by 108″ mattress requires an extra-large room. It can accommodate four sharing adults and is perfect for you if you occasionally need to share your bed with your big kids or friends. This is the largest mattress size you can find.

This mattress allows you to get into bed at different times without waking up your partner. You can also comfortably share your bed with your pets and change your sleeping position without knocking each other.

However, you may need to spend more on custom-made bed accessories for this mattress. Besides, you may not move or flip it without assistance.

Are you looking for the best mattress for your sleeping position or for improved quality of sleep and healthier life? Get in touch with No Bull Mattress

Consider Who Will be Using The Bed Now and in The Future

The most important thing to consider when choosing a bed size is who will be using the bed, and how this may change over time. If you are purchasing a mattress for yourself, and you will be sharing it with a partner now or in the future, it is important that you get a queen size bed or larger. Remember to think about the mattress size dimensions. Full mattresses are only 54 inches wide, which would leave you and your partner about 27 inches each; this is narrower than the size crib mattress. While a single adult may be fine with a full mattress, many people enjoy having the extra space a queen provides. Furthermore, having a larger bed would allow you to accommodate a partner in the future.

Similarly, you will want to think about the future when buying any types of mattresses for a child. While many parents start their kids out with twin mattresses, as this is a good transition from a crib, it may be cheaper in the long run to start them out with a full. This will ensure that they have plenty of room to grow into their new bed, and you will not have to worry about replacing it in a couple of years. When buying a mattress for a teenager, you should also think about how their room may be used in the future. While they may be fine with a full now, you may want to consider buying a queen if you plan on turning their room into a guest room after they move out. 

Consider Your Size and Sleep Position

One of the main things people think about when comparing mattress sizes is width; however, it is also important to consider length, particularly if you or your partner are on the taller side. You should know how wide are mattresses so you can take into consideration body weight and height as an option for couples as well.  Twin size and full-size mattresses are only 75 inches long (6 feet, 3 inches), which may leave taller people, or even a tall teenager, with their legs hanging off the end of the bed. A queen size mattress and a king size mattress offer significantly more room at 80 inches in length, with California king beds being the longest at 84 inches. However, length may not matter to you if you are shorter, or if you sleeping position is curled up on your side. You should also look into how many inches wider which can be found on the mattress size chart.

Take Your Space Into Consideration

Of course, if you are torn between two mattress sizes, the most important thing for you to consider will be the amount of space in your bedroom. While having a large bed can be nice and give you space to spread out, you will also want to make sure that you are leaving enough space for you to comfortably get around in your room. You don’t want your room to end up feeling claustrophobic, and you do not want it to look as though your bed takes up the entire room. 

This makes it important that you measure your room so that you know how much personal space you are dealing with. You can then take the dimensions of the bed frame you are considering buying to determine how much space this will leave around your bed. Ideally, you want 2-3 feet on all sides of your bed to allow for ease-of-movement. Many people find it helpful to use tape on the floor of their room to outline where their bed would be. Doing this can help you to visualize what the space will look like, and it allows you to open doors and drawers to make sure that your bed’s size won’t get in the way and ensures you have plenty of space.   

Think About Your Budget

If you are unsure what mattress size to pick, it can also be helpful to think about your budget. How much are you willing/able to spend on a new mattress? Typically, the larger a mattress is, the more expensive it will be. This is why the common mattress size for most people is the queen-size mattresses.  It is also the most popular option for couple bed size of mattress as well as the single sleeper. The queen bed is a decent size while still being budget-friendly, but it always comes back to personal preference. You should then take some time to look at the price differences between the mattresses you are considering. If you had been leaning towards a king but were unsure if you needed a bed that big, you may decide that a queen will suffice upon seeing the price difference. However, it is important to remember that you spend up to a third of your day in bed, so it is okay to spend a little extra on a mattress that will ensure your comfort. 

Make Sure to Test Multiple Options

Of course, if you are not sure what choice of size mattress will best fit your needs, do not hesitate to try out a lot of mattresses or sleepers. Many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to buy a mattress without trying it first. You need to take some time laying on multiple mattresses to decide what size, style, and firmness will ensure your comfort. You must not be afraid to try as many mattress options as you want. Seeing a bed in person, and laying in it with your partner, can help you to get an idea of how much space you truly need.

You can always find out some sleep habits that you should adopt once you have your new mattress to help you with your sleep.



The standard mattress sizes available in the market are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
You should consider the size of your bedroom, the number of people who will be sleeping on the mattress, and your personal preferences when choosing the right mattress size.
Choosing the right mattress size can improve your sleep quality, reduce back pain, and provide more space for you to move around in bed.

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